Sunday, July 2, 2017

4 Strategies For Planning Your Family Finances This Summer

Summertime brings new challenges to stretching your family's budget. Expenses like buying groceries, paying for air conditioning costs, and saving cash to take a vacation can take a negative toll on your household's bottom line. 

Rather than barely get by, you can enjoy your summer break by using these four smart and simple strategies to plan your family's finances.

Cut The Cord

Cable TV subscriptions continue to become more expensive. Many families find themselves paying $100 or more each month for a bunch of channels that they do not watch.

Instead of shelling out big bucks for cable, you can safeguard your family's budget by cutting the proverbial cord. Cutting the cord has become an agenda embraced by many households that want to plan their finances better and save big money.

A recent study published by CNBC showed that 52 percent of respondents said that they canceled their cable TV services in favor of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. 

By subscribing to online TV and movie streaming services rather than cable TV, you can keep cash in your budget and have more money with which to support your family this summer.

Take Advantage Of Travel And Vacation Specials

Your summertime vacation does not have to break your budget. When you have a limited amount of money to work with, you can still plan a trip that you and your family will enjoy by taking advantage of travel and vacation specials.

Oftentimes attractions near hotels will offer special or birthday party packages, like these kids birthday parties in Las Vegas.

Shop Discount And Dollar Stores

Dollar and discount stores are becoming more popular with American families. These stores have long shed their dubious reputations and have now stepped into mainstream awareness where they compete with big name retailers like Walmart and Target.

Dollar and discount shops offer clothing, groceries, and a wide array of household products for rock bottom prices. The quality of the inventory is on par with what you would find at department and big box stores. 

Some of these shops also take manufacturers' coupons, allowing you to get name brand necessities like laundry soap, shampoo, bread, and a host of other everyday items for pennies.

When you struggle to stretch your grocery dollars during the summertime, you may head to your local discount and dollar stores to check out their selections. You may find that you can get double the groceries for half the cost by shopping these stores instead of big name retailers.

Be Energy Efficient

Finally, you can lower your cooling costs and keep your home comfortable during the hottest of weather this season by using some common sense energy efficiency strategies. 

Simple measures like running your washer and dryer after the sun sets or keeping your window blinds and curtains closed can go a long way toward trimming dollars off your utility bills.

Likewise, you can keep the temperature on your AC steady by using an oscillating fan to circulate air in your home. These basic tips help you keep your house cool and your bills lower during a season in which many families struggle to pay their utility costs.

Summertime can be a season of increased expenses for which you might find yourself unprepared. Rather than run out of money before you get paid each week or month, you can better plan your family's finances with these four simple strategies. 

These tips help you enjoy your summer without the money worries you may normally experience each year.

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