Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Are Indian Buyers Investing in Overseas Properties?

Real estate market of every country is different. Many Indians are investing in properties abroad nowadays. Abroad properties are considered as a lucrative one. There is a different way to buy properties abroad. 

Many legal conditions and tax implications are there for both Indian and foreign countries while purchasing property in abroad. Nowadays Indians are investing a lot in abroad has increased. For this, it seems that foreign property is more affordable for Indians.

If you buy a property in the overseas it can be a chance to get the citizenship of that host country. Many Indians do this only to get citizenship.Though the risk with verifying title to the foreign property is lower than the risk of property title in the home country. 

In recent days real estate market of the India is going high, the interest rate of bank loan are increased day by day and may increase more after the revision of RBI Norms. So if you buy property in Singapore, New York, and London you can get considerably lower interest rate in comparison to the Indian market. 

Many real estate developer and builders in India are investing a lot to purchase the foreign property.

Buying property in India is time-consuming and not very transparent, in comparison to that foreign property market is more transparent and everything go very smoothly and easily. 

Many Indians are making an overseas property for many reasons, for settling there for rest of their life, some buy to get citizenship, and many to meet their family relatives, near and dear ones.

Legal Regulation for Overseas Properties:

If any Indian resident wants to buy foreign property they need to follow the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (the FEMA) and many rules and regulations directed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

As per this rule with the special permission from the RBI Indian resident can buy property on foreign soil. As per the regulations, RBI set circumstances where your permission can be granted.

Tax Implication for Overseas Properties:

Tax is a major thing while you are buying property in abroad. If you purchase the foreign property, it would create a tax liability within India. Whether the resale, transfer or giving on lease any property once you purchased would create tax liability both in India as well as in foreign also. 

You can consult any lawyer to consult this tax matter. Many real estate developer and builders in India keep their personal CA and lawyer to handle this sort of things.

Indians who are buying property in foreign are mainly business owners, property investor, Developers, top level company’s individual. 

Many people want to buy because their children either study there or settle there for job purpose. Indians mainly prefer to buy property in Dubai, Malaysia, New York, Singapore, London, and various cities in the UK. 

United State is an expensive one, but many Indian film stars buy houses in Dubai or many other countries, for normal people it is beyond reach. They can invest in Dubai, which is comparatively less expensive than other countries. 

It is clear now that Indian residents can have several options through which they can invest into foreign properties.

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