Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to Use Content Marketing to Boost Organic Traffic

If you’ve recently started your new business, you should seriously think about your content marketing strategy. There’s a lot to gain with a good content marketing campaign. 

If done right, it can attract new visitors to your website, which will improve your sales and revenue. Your brand will get stronger and people will be aware of it. Keep in mind that content marketing strategy can’t be done overnight. Below are some tips that may put you in the right direction.

Work on your headlines

Your click-through rate will increase if you make some killer headlines. With good headlines, your content will be shared more across social media platforms. The most popular headlines are those that start with a number or have an amusing adjective in the first few words. 

Make sure to know about your audience. If you do a good job in targeting it, you’ll come up with great headlines, that will facilitate social media sharing, which will bring you more visitors and potential customers.

Landing pages optimization

If you’re trying to get new users to convert, you should take them to your product page or your blog. Yes, the homepage is also very important, but it is better to work on the landing page since it will save your customer’s time. 

People can easily get bored and go away if they can’t find what they want. You should help them by optimizing your landing page. Your landing pages will need some keyword searches and other SEO strategies incorporated in order to be ranked better in search engines. 

Poorly optimized pages can harm your rankings and that will drive you away from your new costumers.

Make an editorial calendar

It is crucial to keep your blog systematized and have plenty of prepared ideas for future posts. That is why you’ll need a detailed editorial calendar before you get into any content marketing campaign. 

The SEO professionals in Perth area recommend making a calendar since it will help in communicating with your targeted audience. Your schedule will help you to tease your readers with upcoming content. 

That will ensure getting them excited so they’ll be coming back to your website over and over again. Of course, your old posts will give you insight into conversions, bounce rate, time on page and other useful information.

Please your audience

The best path for your business to grow is to know what your customers want. While keyword research is very important, you should also spend some time using Google Analytics

This free tool will help you see who are your customers and what are they seeking for. With this tool, you’ll be able to check demographics data and get a better idea of your customer base. 

The more information you have on your targeted audience, the better results you’ll have in the future. Another useful tool is Google Trends and it will help you to see which topics are trending in your niche and which ones are in decline.

Learn about your competition

In order to get more customers for yourself, you’ll need to steal them from your competition. That’s the reason why you should do some spying. You can get ahead of them by using several useful tools. 

In order to see the ranking of keywords, you should use SEMRush. With Majestic, you’ll be able to learn who is linking to your competitor’s website and what is their most popular content. 

If you want to see what works good for the competition on social media, you could try with BuzzSumo. Once you learn what is your competition good at, you may try to get better in your own content marketing campaign.

Always focus on your content

Your main goal should always be getting more readers, more mentions on social media and plenty of shares. Like already mentioned above, you should tease your readers with upcoming content, and while doing that, you should also inform your influencers and friends about that. 

That way, they’ll be prepared for new stuff and will be happy to share it. Getting in touch with influencers can be very beneficial for your business. They can raise awareness of your product or service and you can do the same for them. 

Everybody wins. So don’t hesitate and start connecting with other similar businesses. Just make sure to produce high-quality content and get it shared all over the place.

If you’ve read all tips above, you’ve probably got some new ideas about your content marketing campaign. Take everything into consideration before you start with it. 

There are plenty of strategies and not all of them are good for your business. Make sure to offer some real value to your targeted audience and everything should be just fine.

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