Thursday, July 20, 2017

Frugal Spender: 4 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Everyday Bills

Saving money is something that many people try to do on a regular basis. Even if there are multiple incomes in the household, it's always a good idea to cut everyday bills and put a little money into a savings account in the event that there is an emergency. 

Sometimes, it seems like you're never going to get ahead because bills continue to increase no matter what you do about them. This is when you might want to consider changing a few services completely so that you deal with a new company instead of just trying to save a little money here and there.

Cutting Away

There are probably several things that you can cut out of your daily and monthly expenses that you don't need. One of them might be your morning coffee. 

If you save this small amount each day, it can add up to a significant amount by the end of the month. You can get a travel mug and make coffee at home to take with you to work in the morning or when you leave the house. 

Avoid going out to eat. This can sometimes be hard to do if you don't have a lot of time to cook at home, but if you take the time to prepare meals yourself, then you're going to be serving healthy meals that are less expensive. 

Another item that you can cut out is clothing. This doesn't mean that you can't get clothes and shoes when they are needed. It just means that you should look at secondhand stores and yard sales to get deals on items that are a fraction of the price that they would be new.

Changing Companies

After talking to the utility companies and other businesses and getting nowhere with lowering your bill, you might stand a better chance of getting a lower rate if you change companies. 

There are numerous companies across the country that offer many of the same services that may be at a better price than what you were paying before. Make sure you do your research, for instance some may think of this as an ACN Pyramid Scheme, when in reality ACN is a company that is offering the services you’re looking for at a more affordable price. 

Some companies will offer added incentives or discounts for signing up with them, saving you money while giving you a few perks.

Save Loose Change

Put a jar on a counter where family members can put their loose change inside. It could be change that you find in the car, in the couch or even from a yard sale that you have. 

At the end of the month, count the change that you have collected. Put this money into a savings account for emergencies. Another way that you can use the loose change that you have collected is to stock up on toiletries that you know you'll need. 

You could also pay extra on a credit card bill or an electric bill so that you have a small cushion for the next month.

Do Away With Buying Expensive Items

Buying name brands can sometimes lead to spending more money than you have to. In many cases, store brands are just as good as the name brand item, but they are less expensive. 

You can also get clothing that is considered the store brand instead of jeans and shirts that are only known because of the name that is associated with them. When you're shopping for holidays and birthdays, avoid spending a lot of money on expensive gifts by making your own.

Cutting costs on things that you use on a daily basis can be hard. Sit down as a family to come up with a plan of action. When you start to see that your savings add up to more than what you normally have available, then it will be easier to continue these habits.

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