Friday, July 28, 2017

Get the Most Money of Your Used Car with These 5 Improvements

The easiest way to sell a car is to be confident about the goods. Make your car easy to sell and at a good price by investing a little bit of your time and an affordable amount of money. This is what will help the new owner feel like they struck a good deal.

Do the minor repairs

Provided that the car you are selling is in a good general state what you need to do is have a look at your dashboard and see whether there are any unwanted lights on. 

 Your car is maybe signaling that there are still minor issues to be removed and this is something that you want to do before you sell it. Being honest about the issues with a customer is a right thing to do, but it is even better to have nothing to report.

Take it for regular maintenance

Once everything is repaired, check whether your car is due for regular maintenance. Have the oil replaced, check the battery and the wheels. 

This is something that the new owner would most likely do first thing after purchasing the car, but you having proof of it being done just recently will set them in a good mood and help them make the decision.

Make it pretty!

Make your car nice to look at. You want it to be a pretty sight so it can leave a good first impression and make the potential new owners feel great about it. 

Take your car to an auto body shop and ask them to fix any visible dents or scratches. Also, if there are signs of rust especially at the underbody, ask them to remove it and protect the car appropriately.

Check the inside

Give the inside of your car a detailed wash. Check whether paint started to peel off or is worn off and repaint it. Estimate the state of the upholstery and judge whether any of it needs replacing. 

If you cannot clean it so as to look as good as new, consider buying new car seat covers and new mats. Check the stereo and the speakers and make sure they are functioning properly as it will add to the entire experience of driving the car.

Deals on Wheels

One of the first things I have mentioned is checking the wheels. You can take your car to an auto service center and have a professional mechanic align your wheels or, alternatively, you can do it at home if you are generally ok with DIY stuff. 

Have a look at the tread on your tires and replace them if they are not in the best of shape. This is one of the things that a buyer will instantly spot as they are probably calculating in the expense of getting new tires. 

Get cool hub caps, make sure the style matches your car, polish them and spray the tires.

Depending on how quickly you need to sell, if it is an option, think about selling it yourself as you will get a better price without having a mediator. Any dealership will give you a lower estimate on the car as they need to earn from the transaction as well. 

Remember to provide the new owner with all car related paperwork and advise them on all the repairs and maintenance you have done.

Having done all of the above will make your car look brand new. Don’t forget to give it a good wash and a wax as people generally like shiny things. 

If it is not too much to ask, throw in some perks such as emergency equipment, the vest, triangle, a first aid kit etc. Let your old vehicle do you proud one last time.

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