Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bounteous Blooms: 3 Tips For The Perfect Backyard Garden

Backyard gardens don't have to be a lot of work. Planting native species that naturally thrive in your climate is a great way to minimize garden maintenance. Perennials, too, are an excellent choice as they come back on their own every year. 

Of course, you'll also want to limit the size of your garden to an area you know you'll have time for. One season of growing experience will teach you these basic tips, but here are a few lesser known tips you probably won't see in any gardening book.

Free Plant Food

The nutrients in vegetables that help keep your body strong and healthy are also good for your plants. When you steam and boil vegetables, some of these nutrients find their way into the water in your pot. 

Don't just dump this valuable asset down the drain. Instead, save this nutrient-rich water and use it to water your garden. Your plants will love it.

Lighten Your Load

Potted plants make great accent pieces on patios, porches and throughout the garden. Unfortunately, they quickly get heavy and difficult to move, especially if you place rocks in the bottom of them to promote drainage. 

Instead of rocks or gravel, place lightweight packing peanuts in the bottom of your pots. 

Lay a piece of landscaping fabric over them to keep them in place and then add your potting soil and plants. The peanuts will aid drainage without adding unnecessary weight to your planters.

Consider New Windows

For maximum enjoyment of your backyard garden, make sure you can see your beautiful blossoms from inside your home. The right windows will serve as pretty frames for the picture that is your garden and let you enjoy your handiwork more often. 

You may even wish to consider garden windows, which provide large panes for undisturbed garden viewing as well as wide sills and ventilation for starting seedlings indoors. The right windows, like those from Four Seasons Home Products, let you enjoy your garden from both inside and outside your home.

There is no question that gardening is a labor of love, but there are ways to lessen the amount of work involved. These tips and tricks are a bit unusual, but all are effective and will help you spend less time working in the garden and more time enjoying it. 

It's up to you whether you pass these tips on to others or simply smile when people compliment your backyard's beauty.

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