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The 4 Easiest Ways for Burglars to Get Into Your Home

home security
Your worst nightmare is having your home broken into. It’s an invasion of privacy and can make you feel like nothing in your life is safe and that everything is falling apart. These feelings are incredibly valid.

Everyone always feels like it won’t ever happen to them. It’s an invincibility complex like bad things can’t happen to you, whether it’s a car accident, the death of a loved one, or someone breaking into your home.

That sort of invasion of privacy shakes your entire world. Because of this fear, you can never be too safe or careful when protecting yourself from having your home broken into.

Carelessness that comes from time

Of course, there are the obvious things you can do to keep intruders out of your home: lock your doors whether you’re home or not, install a security system in your home, and be wary of who you welcome into your home.

These are easy ways to make you feel more comfortable at home. It’s surprising how many people forget these simple things, though. Again, you never think it could happen to you, so you get a little bit too comfortable in your environment.
home security
When you move into a new area, you won’t dream of leaving without locking your door. But after a while, if you forget to lock your door upon leaving, you figure that it isn’t a big deal, you know all of your neighbors at this point, and you trust them. This is a mistake. You should never let your guard down like this.

Insecure garage doors

One of the most common ways for someone to break into your home is through your garage. A 
garage door company in King of Prussia can ensure your garage door is working properly. Additionally, make sure your garage door is closed. Even if you’re just home for a quick lunch and will leave less than an hour later.

While it’s not very likely that during that hour, someone will break in, it gives potential thieves a chance to case it out and figure out the easiest way to get in and what they’d like to steal.

Don’t leave your garage door opener in a visible spot in your car. Many people leave theirs on the visor in their car. However, if it’s visible, someone could break into your car and steal it, take a photo of the address on your vehicle registration, and then break into your home while you’re away.

To avoid this, leave the remote in your console or another concealed place in your car.

The back yard and back door

Your backyard is another way that thieves will get in. You’re less likely to keep your back door locked than the front door, and thieves know this.

So not only do you need to make sure you keep people out of your home but also your backyard. When you’re getting a fence installed, ensure it’s tall enough that it cannot be easily jumped over, as long as your city regulations allow a fence at least six feet tall.
home security
And always make sure that the gate to your fence has a lock on it on the inside, so it can’t be picked by passersby. And, of course, keep your back door locked at all times.

Doggy doors and hidden keys

A lot of people keep keys hidden outside their house in case they lock themselves out of the house. This seems like a harmless idea. If you tend to lock yourself out of your house often, then you obviously want to be able to get back in easily without having to call a locksmith.

When trying to break into your home, however, this is one of the first things a thief will look for. Never leave your key in a fake rock, under the mat, in a potted plant, or any other obvious places.

Another way to gain easy access to your home is through a doggy door. Make sure that your doggy door is far enough from the lock that it cannot be unlocked by reaching through the doggy door from the outside.

At night, ensure your doggy door is locked so no one can access it. Also, ensure that the door is too small for anyone to fit through. If you have a large breed dog, a doggy door may not be safe.

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