Sunday, October 29, 2017

5 Web Design Trends Startups Should Adopt

Web Design
Web design keeps evolving from year to year and every startup that is looking to thrive on the internet should be paying close attention to the new trends that rule the web design world. 

Innovative and eye-catching web design can really do a lot when it comes to conversions these businesses are looking to make. The competition is fierce in the online business world so any startup that chooses not to update their web design to better fit current trends is missing on a lot of opportunities when it comes to growing their business. 

We'll give you an insight into some of the best current web design trends that you should be aware of as a startup owner. 

Fewer Navigation Options 

Another trend that came out of ever-increasing mobile devices usage is the need to simplify website navigation. 

Streamlining visitors towards 3-5 options helps users stay on track and quickly find what they're actually looking for because no one likes to get lost on a website - a thing that happens a lot on smartphones with overly complicated websites. 

Easier navigation translates to preventing users from abandoning the website, which automatically translates to more conversions and potential sales.

Another big change that happened to navigation is a trend of keeping navigation static, which basically means that those 3 important options will always be available - no matter where on the webpage you are.

GIFs and Animations

GIFs and animations have been a huge hit with websites in the 2017 and they are going to stay that way next year as well. It's just a great and simple way to show important content in a way that's easiest for your visitors to digest. 

It's a well-known fact that professional website design is all about conveying the right message in a quick and easy way, which is something that becomes a lot easier with visual content when compared to the written content. 

Both GIFs and animations are actually lighter on your website speed, so you can actually keep the pages really fast while still maintaining a focus on the visuals. 

Brutalism as a Trend

Recently, as an answer to so many websites opting for minimalism, a new trend has emerged that's completely opposite of it. Instead of going for simplicity, brutalism is all about creating websites that are overly-complicated. 

Sure, this trend isn't for every website out there, but there's something attractive to its ugliness. Web designers focus more on collages of images and text, rather than caring about UX at all. If you go with brutalism design though, you've got to be prepared for people to call your website ugly. 

That's just the way it is, you can't have it both ways - brutalism websites aren't pretty, but they don't even care. 

Handwritten Elements

Using handwritten fonts, graphics, icons, or even buttons is a great way to be unique about your web design yet don't go too far out of the way. It's certainly a great change considering that most websites employ boring, flat fonts that only care about readability. 

Giving your website a unique touch in this manner will provide a great contrast to that and make your website stand out from the crowd.

Minimalism is Still a Thing

This web design trend is actually a fusion of many other web design styles. The idea behind it is to give priority to performance, speed, as well as very simplistic layouts. 

The main reason why this trend came to prominence is a huge shift to responsive websites, which happened due to ever growing requirements for the websites to be mobile friendly. 

Before that, websites usually wanted to put every piece of information on the top to avoid scrolling, which gave websites a cluttered feel. Teaming up with a reliable website design company can do the trick of helping you avoid such problems. 

Mobile devices, however, encourage scrolling so various options can be arranged in a better way. Another important element of minimalism is its usage of white space, which really helps the websites look a lot cleaner. 

The Rules are There for a Reason

By employing the most useful techniques in web design you can ensure that your website stays in line with your competitors, or better yet, even become a leader in your niche. 

Of course, there are other important elements of running an online business beyond having a cool looking and functional website, like SEO for example, since you'll get very little out of your web design if your traffic is really low. 

The trends we mentioned in this guide are all there to inspire you and maybe even motivate you to experiment with web design on your own, which can really turn the table for your business if you do it right.

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