Wednesday, May 9, 2018

5 Reasons a Lawyer Can Make Your Life Easier

Lawyer jokes, I am sure you have heard them; heck, you might have even told a few in your time. Well it turns out that lawyers have an important role to play in our lives. Not only can they assist with legal problems but they can also provide advice and counsel on matters of importance to our businesses and our lives – such as retirements and estate planning.

In this role, lawyers help to make sure that the structures we use to manage our investments conform with the laws of the land. They do this by providing their opinions on the law and its impact on the things we do every day. With that in mind, here are five reasons a lawyer can make your life easier.

Get the Help You Need After an Injury

Accidents happen, but when they happen to you it can be painful. Not only in the physical sense but also in terms of lost time at work and importantly the expenses – both medical and to your property.

Given the impact of an accident and by extension and injury, there are times when a lawyer can help to make your life easier. According to the Reyna Law Firm in Corpus Christi, Texas, ‘you make receive full compensation’ – especially if you weren’t at fault.

Note this doesn’t only apply to accidents that happen in Texas as most states have laws on the books to help protect the victims of accidents. The only thing you need to do is reach out an attorney to see if your case qualifies for compensation as not every accident does. However, you won’t know if you don’t ask.

You Fought the Law

Like the song goes ‘I fought the law, and the law won’. Well, this is what happens when you play with fire and as such finding yourself on the wrong side of Johnny Law might meant that you will need representation.

A good defense lawyer can help to get you a reduced sentence or fine and, depending on the circumstances, they may even get you acquitted. While you don’t want to make running afoul of the law a habit, it can happen and as such, you will want to get a lawyer to make your life easier.

You’re Fired

While the famous phrase has made its way from the TV to the White House, there are times when getting fired has less to do with your performance and more to do with the bias of your manager or supervisor – after all we are only human.

If you can prove that the termination was wrongful, then you could be eligible to receive compensation. However, labor relations tend to be complex legally and it is rare that the circumstance will indicate a clear bias against you. As such, you will need to have an experienced lawyer in your corner. Not only will they help you to prove your case, they will also show if the manager in question has been guilty of this sort of behaviour in the past.

Another thing to remember if you are in this situation is that you need to document everything. This is because many cases of wrongful termination tend to follow a pattern of repeated discrimination over the months leading up to you being let go.

As such, the more data you have on potential incidents the better your lawyer will be able to prove that you were not fired due to your performance by rather because of the bias of your manager.

Fixing Problems

Maybe it is an issue with your local zoning board or you want to fight your property tax assessment. Either way, a lawyer can help you to put together the argument that will get you the outcome you want. Just remember that there are rarely clear-cut solutions to complex problems, so you might not always get everything you want.

Preparing for Retirement, and Other Things

Good lawyers, especially tax lawyers, will have a keen understanding of how you will need to prepare your investments for retirement and importantly to protect everything when the time comes to transfer these assets to your heirs.

Granted, the new tax laws help but you also need to make sure there aren’t any hidden liabilities when you structure your assets and for this, only a lawyer can help. That being said, most of us don’t have a $10 million estate to leave behind, but what we do have is important it should be protected.

There you have it, five ways in which a lawyer can make your life easier. Note we left out the bits about setting up a company or helping you when you are being sued. As such, we should the lawyer jokes aside as they really do help us when needed.

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