Friday, May 11, 2018

Business for Sale: 4 Steps to Take When Buying a Business

The trouble with a job is that you are forced to fight your way up a crowded corporate ladder. The next best idea is to build your own ladder and position yourself at the top. When you do this from scratch, it can cost a lot of money, and it is still quite an uphill battle to get the business viable. 

A third option is to buy a ladder that is already well-built around a proven business concept. So, with this in mind, here are four steps to take to purchase a business that already exists.

Look for the Right Business

One way to find a successful business for sale is to look around for an entrepreneur who is looking to retire. Generally, someone who has kept their business running for many years and has already made their money has gold to sell. 

Depending on how desperate they are to execute an exit strategy, you may even be able to pick up this gem of a business for a discounted price. If you have difficulty finding this kind of opportunity to seize upon, then you may want to contact business brokers to find out about businesses for sale that you may not have known were open to monetary offers.

Crunch the Numbers

Once you find what looks like the right business to purchase, the next step is to ask to see the numbers. All real business is done by the numbers, because figures and values that are represented by mathematically sound business formulas do not lie. 

When you can see that the price you are paying for an already viable business is not going to take much to gain a substantial return on your investment over a couple short years, then you will have a good idea of a timeline for how long it will take you to start generating significant profit with your newly owned, fully established business model.


Once you have a thorough grasp of the numbers and you know what the current owner wants to sell their business for to complete their exit strategy, then the next step is to engage in negotiations. 

While the current owner may have a price they want, this does not prevent you from making a lower offer. Hey, it is just business, nothing personal. As a prospective business owner, you should protect your bottom line and get the best deal possible for the right price. 

The business assets you are buying may be old and in need of some repair or other reasons may legitimately drive down the original owner’s asking price. It is okay to be fair with your counter offers and site legitimate concerns, but try to not be too unreasonable.

See the Plan of Action

Once the numbers and negotiations make sense, then the next step is to talk strategy with the person from which you are buying the business. To be clear, this individual is still in business, after all these years, because they know what works and what does not work. 

You want to get this individual to agree to mentor you in their business strategies for success. This has to be part of the purchase deal, this way you will be able to continue to use their proven business strategy the way they have always done it. 

So, you are not just buying a business, but you are buying rights to the vision and strategies used to make this business a success.


You are the proud owner of a well-established business. You have quality plans, quality employees and the insight to continue in the former owners footsteps towards success. 

The important thing is that you did not have to guess at how to reinvent the wheel to get to this point either. You did it all the smart way by purchasing a business that already had a proven track record.

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