Friday, August 17, 2018

Money Management: 5 Reasons to Get a Financial Planner Now

Understanding how to effectively manage money should be a top priority for any adult. The good news is that you don’t have to create a financial plan by yourself. A financial adviser can teach you how to save for retirement, build an emergency fund or otherwise meet your financial goals.

Professional Insight Can Save You Money Immediately

The simple act of creating a budget can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. A budget can help you control your discretionary spending or help you pay your bills on time to cut down on late fees. Other simple acts like consolidating credit card balances can reduce interest paid to lenders.

Saving Money is a Learned Skill

While saving money is essential to create financial security, it is a habit that is learned over time. However, when a professional tells you more about the magic of compound interest, you may feel more motivated to start saving. 

Furthermore, a financial adviser can tell you what types of accounts to put your money in. This can be in addition to you traditional savings account or another type of investment that will earn you more interest over time.

Learn How Taxes Impact Your Plan

Whenever you earn money, the government is going to take some of that cash for itself. By talking with a financial adviser, you can devise strategies to keep the tax collector at bay for several years into the future. 

If you have current tax debts, an adviser can help you create a plan to pay down that debt in a timely manner. It is also a useful to know when tax season comes around to know what you can and can’t deduct on your taxes. 

The more you can deduct the less money you have to pay and the higher return you will get back on your taxes after they have been filed.

Develop Strategies to Accomplish Short and Long-Term Goals

While your long-term goal may be to retire at age 55, there are many more pressing goals that may need to be met in the short-term. For instance, it is good to know how you will pay for your first house or for the wedding that you want to have next year. 

A financial adviser can make sure that you get the house or wedding you want without jeopardizing your retirement. It is also a good idea to use those small goals to get what you want when you want it.

If you do this right, this can make your bigger goals for retirement more meaningful as you have accumulated some of the things you want while working towards retirement.

Find Ways to Grow Wealth Beyond Inflation

Financial planners know that inflation erodes the value of a savings account or investment portfolio over time. However, they can suggest investments such as real estate or emerging market funds that have the potential to grow faster than inflation or outperform the market as a whole. 

The bottom line is, a financial advisor can help you find the right market and the right investment to make at any given time. They will explain to you the risks versus the rewards of those investments and will make recommendations to you based on your current financial portfolio and stability. They will advise you which investments risks make sense and which ones are too risky.

Meeting with a financial planner doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. All you need to do is be ready to have an honest and open conversation with someone who has your financial best interest in mind.

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