Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Average Wedding Costs $33K: How to Keep to a Budget of $5K or Less

The average wedding cost $33,000. This is a lot of money. If your family is not overflowing with money at the seams, this is a poor investment. $33,000 is enough to put a down payment on an amazing home, start an investment fund for your family or fund the services of a night nurse when you have your first child together. 

Instead of putting this money into one day that flies by so quickly, keep the budget low and put the money elsewhere. Consider these tips to help you keep a budget of $5,000 or less on your wedding day.

Use Inexpensive Decorations

Flowers are one of the most expensive line items within a wedding budget. Cut the price down dramatically by making different choices for bouquets, centerpieces and the other decor. Instead of renting tablecloths for $30 apiece, purchase $12 tablecloths at a discount store. 

Use a steamer to freshly press them. No one will know the difference. Use mirrors from the dollar store, and set an arrangement of inexpensive candles on each mirror. Add vases with floating candles, sequined ribbons and water to create stunning centerpieces. 

For the bouquets, use inexpensive silk flowers. No one will know the difference. Once you’re finished with all of the items, you can resell them on a discount wedding website and make money.

Find a Modest Dress

There are many people who focus on making sure they have the latest designer dress for their wedding day. While the dress can be a showstopper, it’s more about the woman in the dress. You don’t need to have an expensive designer dress to look amazing. 

In fact, if you focus on creating a themed look that’s pristine and polished, a simple modest white dress will look absolutely stunning. Plus, it just might be a much more affordable option. Focus on accessories and hair styling. This will help you to pull off the look effortlessly.

Find a Venue That Allows Your Own Catering

Food is also a major expense at a wedding. If you can find a caterer that’s willing to provide meals at an affordable rate, you’re already in great shape. 

Once you jump over that hurdle, you’ll need to find a venue that’s okay with you bringing in your own food. Once you combine those two expenses, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the long run.

Find Discount Alternatives for Various Services

Next, you’ll want to find ways to get various services at discounted rates. Oftentimes, professionals increase the prices once they know it’s a wedding. If you’re hiring a DJ, don’t necessarily tell them up front that it’s for a wedding. 

Alternatively, you may also want to consider the music lovers in your family. Ask them if they’re willing to be in charge of music at your wedding either as a wedding gift to you or for an affordable price. This same sentiment applies to the day-of coordinator and the master or mistress of ceremonies.

Once you combine all of these expenses together, you’ll see that you won’t need to spend $33,000 on your wedding. With some strategic planning, creativity and negotiating, you can keep your wedding expenses within a budget of $5,000.

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