Thursday, March 14, 2019

Entrepreneurial Business Ideas To Supplement Your Retirement Finances

The idea that you need to be a Millennial to enter the entrepreneur arena is certainly false. More entrepreneurs over 40, and even over 50, are making their entrepreneurial endeavors come to fruition. And why not? Older entrepreneurs have the wisdom and expertise to bring a new concept, product, and/or service to market.

One study from the Kaufman Foundation found that entrepreneurs between the ages of 50 and 65 are catching up to the Millennial entrepreneur group. Why are the older generations becoming entrepreneurs? It could be boredom, or it could be the need to increase retirement finances.

Let’s face it, waiting for social security checks to cover bills is not on anyone’s to-do list, regardless of age. And entrepreneurship is one way to ensure more income is coming in with the ability to enjoy a bit of personal and financial freedom.

“Every person has the right to enjoy happiness, good health, time-freedom and financial-freedom…regardless of who they are, where they live, and what they do,” The 1-Hour Workweek explained. Are you looking to boost your retirement finances? The following entrepreneurial business ideas can serve as your quick guide. Let’s dive in!

Rekindle a passion and turn it into money

Launching a new business can definitely be challenging. The time and money it takes can take its toll. Except if your business encompasses something you are truly passionate about. This makes all the challenges that need to be overcomed worth it.

So rekindle that passion you may have burnt out due to work and family obligations earlier in life. And the good news is that businesses with a passionate foundation often succeed more than those without. This is where you will see far more women entrepreneurs successful.

“First, they are willing to learn,” David Deeds explained in a Forbes article. “Men, as we get older, tend to be set in our ways. Women, in general, are more open to learning and are collaborative. Entrepreneurship is a team sport, and women are good at working with others. That gives them a little advantage.”

Start a business that local businesses find useful

 In your later years, traveling for work is probably not to enticing. This makes starting a business locally a win-win. You can begin by brainstorming what things your community businesses may need a bit of help with. It could be productivity aspects to streamline workflow, financial processes like accounting, and much more.

While your increasing your retirement finances, you can be helping others with theirs. In fact, financial help is a must for most businesses, since many business owners don’t know much about business finance, taxes, payroll, personal loans and investing, as well as contract negotiation.

If you have any financial background at all, this could be the perfect business that helps other businesses in your community while keeping you local. You can even set your own schedule. Not too bad.

Provide consultation services to medium and large companies

This type of business idea is made to order for most older professionals. Why? Because you have already had decades of experience in an industry, and you have a big network others may want. With the internet, you can turn those years of experience and knowledge to more retirement finances.

All you need to do is set up a website, start writing articles about what you know, and build that client list. It may take a bit of time to get a big client list, but it will certainly happen. You probably won’t even need to do much marketing. Word of mouth is a powerful thing when dealing with medium and large companies.

You can also choose the clients you want to work with, which is one of the biggest benefits. This allows you to work with those you like, and ignore the rest. Have a big vacation coming up? Well, you don’t need to tell anyone, because you can consult from anywhere, and at anytime. Just don’t forget to keep communication lines open with your network, and feel free to grow your network too.

Ready to boost your retirement finances?

More older entrepreneurs are heeding the call, and why not, you have the expertise, network, and knowledge base to handle a new business endeavor. The above business ideas to increase your retirement finances are certainly not the only ones. However, they are a few of the easiest to pursue, and possibly the most enjoyable. Age is only a number and you can have an entirely new career path that you make ahead of you.

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