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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Entrepreneurial Business Ideas To Supplement Your Retirement Finances

The idea that you need to be a Millennial to enter the entrepreneur arena is certainly false. More entrepreneurs over 40, and even over 50, are making their entrepreneurial endeavors come to fruition. And why not? Older entrepreneurs have the wisdom and expertise to bring a new concept, product, and/or service to market.

One study from the Kaufman Foundation found that entrepreneurs between the ages of 50 and 65 are catching up to the Millennial entrepreneur group. Why are the older generations becoming entrepreneurs? It could be boredom, or it could be the need to increase retirement finances.

Let’s face it, waiting for social security checks to cover bills is not on anyone’s to-do list, regardless of age. And entrepreneurship is one way to ensure more income is coming in with the ability to enjoy a bit of personal and financial freedom.

“Every person has the right to enjoy happiness, good health, time-freedom and financial-freedom…regardless of who they are, where they live, and what they do,” The 1-Hour Workweek explained. Are you looking to boost your retirement finances? The following entrepreneurial business ideas can serve as your quick guide. Let’s dive in!

Rekindle a passion and turn it into money

Launching a new business can definitely be challenging. The time and money it takes can take its toll. Except if your business encompasses something you are truly passionate about. This makes all the challenges that need to be overcomed worth it.

So rekindle that passion you may have burnt out due to work and family obligations earlier in life. And the good news is that businesses with a passionate foundation often succeed more than those without. This is where you will see far more women entrepreneurs successful.

“First, they are willing to learn,” David Deeds explained in a Forbes article. “Men, as we get older, tend to be set in our ways. Women, in general, are more open to learning and are collaborative. Entrepreneurship is a team sport, and women are good at working with others. That gives them a little advantage.”

Start a business that local businesses find useful

 In your later years, traveling for work is probably not to enticing. This makes starting a business locally a win-win. You can begin by brainstorming what things your community businesses may need a bit of help with. It could be productivity aspects to streamline workflow, financial processes like accounting, and much more.

While your increasing your retirement finances, you can be helping others with theirs. In fact, financial help is a must for most businesses, since many business owners don’t know much about business finance, taxes, payroll, personal loans and investing, as well as contract negotiation.

If you have any financial background at all, this could be the perfect business that helps other businesses in your community while keeping you local. You can even set your own schedule. Not too bad.

Provide consultation services to medium and large companies

This type of business idea is made to order for most older professionals. Why? Because you have already had decades of experience in an industry, and you have a big network others may want. With the internet, you can turn those years of experience and knowledge to more retirement finances.

All you need to do is set up a website, start writing articles about what you know, and build that client list. It may take a bit of time to get a big client list, but it will certainly happen. You probably won’t even need to do much marketing. Word of mouth is a powerful thing when dealing with medium and large companies.

You can also choose the clients you want to work with, which is one of the biggest benefits. This allows you to work with those you like, and ignore the rest. Have a big vacation coming up? Well, you don’t need to tell anyone, because you can consult from anywhere, and at anytime. Just don’t forget to keep communication lines open with your network, and feel free to grow your network too.

Ready to boost your retirement finances?

More older entrepreneurs are heeding the call, and why not, you have the expertise, network, and knowledge base to handle a new business endeavor. The above business ideas to increase your retirement finances are certainly not the only ones. However, they are a few of the easiest to pursue, and possibly the most enjoyable. Age is only a number and you can have an entirely new career path that you make ahead of you.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Start Your Business Safely

Starting a business can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are leaving the security of a salary and regular hours to do it. There are some things to consider long before you get close to starting up your company, and neglecting them can result in negative consequences for your fledgling business.

Create a Business Plan

Draw up a business plan, taking careful account of all expenses and working out a best case, worst case and average scenario. Note down the accurate costs of each product, including a good hourly rate for your labour if applicable, and work out how much you need to sell them for to make an acceptable profit. Not only does this let you know if your business idea is feasible, it will let you know how long you should remain in paid employment saving up to get the start-up costs together. If you are confident you can apply for a small business loan from your bank, make an appointment sooner, rather than later.

Seek Professional Help

Consulting professionals is always advisable before starting any business venture. Any slips or mistakes on your behalf are not easily forgiven by regulatory authorities so make sure you are getting it right, from the very beginning! Bank managers are a mine of useful information when setting up a company, and, as it is the interests of the bank for your business to succeed, they will be more than happy to pass along useful hints and tips.

Have a Good Accountant

Sit down with an accountant before you start trading, or very shortly thereafter. It may be annoying to pay a hefty accountancy fee, but you will leave the meeting with peace of mind, and a clear understanding of your business obligations; and that is well worth the cost.

Do Your Research

Do plenty of research into your chosen market, and begin to accumulate customers before the business starts up. If you can begin official trading with a few loyal customers ready and willing to spread the word on your behalf your company will be off to a good start. Make sure that there is a ready market for your product and that you will be able to sustain sales over time. Remember, there is a limit to the amount of goodies a family member or friend will buy before they say enough is enough!

Follow Laws and Regulations

Make sure that you are legally compliant in every aspect of the business at all times. Skipping a regulation because it is too hard to enforce, or because you do not think that it is sensible, may land you in legal trouble, which can lead to financial trouble if a large fine is imposed… The rules and regulations may seem petty or be inconvenient, but they have been implemented for a reason and should be obeyed.

Have Adequate Insurance

Another area where many small businesses go astray is in the matter of insurance. If you have employees, you are legally obliged to hold employee liability insurance, to cover them in the instance of injury, illness or even death occurring at the work place. If you have a shop front, or office into which the public may venture, then public liability insurance is a must. This covers you in the event that an accident happens, resulting in a member of the public being hurt or killed.

Professional indemnity cover is there to protect professionals, such as lawyers and doctors, from dissatisfied customers unhappy with a treatment or result. If the company has a fleet of vehicles, or even just one delivery vehicle, then fleet insurance is needed to cover accidental loss or damage to the goods.

It may seem to be unnecessary and annoying to have to spend precious funding on insurances that will hopefully never be claimed upon, but it is better to accept that they are a necessity and pay up. Your business is highly unlikely to survive in the event that one of these calamities was to happen and you found yourself liable for all costs. So, look around today for reliable insurance providers, like AXA business insurance, and find the best insurance option for your company.

Running a business is an exciting, hair-raising career that is sure to change the way you think, act and even spend your money. Make sure that you take all the steps required to keep your small business safe and secure, so it can grow into a large, well-known brand!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Things to Consider While Running your Own Business

Perhaps you have thought about starting up your own business, but you are not sure if it is something that you are able to do. Well if you have a hobby or you spend your time dabbling in what is called entrepreneurship the perhaps starting up your own business is a good thing to do. How can there be anything wrong in owning your own business and it also being about something that you really have a passion for. If you can have that passion and it is about something that you are passionate about then you will never enjoy having your own business as much as this. 

Starting up your own business

There are lots of things that you can use in order to start up your own business and here are just some of the examples that you may find interesting, none of these examples require much and they are very easy to start up as a business. There are many things that you will need to do if you find that they start to take off you are in need of producing even more of the items that you are selling.

Being able to make the business work

But first you need to find out if you have a market for the things that you are selling. If you find that you do have a need for the items then you will need to decide if you are just going to sell them from home or if you are going to need to find yourself premises so that you can start to sell the items on a bigger scale. So now you have the items and you are starting to make a business out of them what is your next step? This is something that you may need to seek further advice on. Below there are some ideas that you may not have thought about or that you may have not thought would be viable for a small business.

Ideas for businesses

Some ideas which are easy to start up

  • Refurbishing antique furniture – This is something which you may want to get into if you enjoy antiques. You may have antiques at home which you have restored or you may be into buying antiques. If you have the patience to restore and look after the antiques then you will be able to make a very good profit out of them. 
  • Auto Detailing – If you have an eye for detail and you enjoy making things clean, it is all about making cars gleam and cleaning them inside and out, the good thing about this service is that people will pay the money to have this done. 
  • Baby sitting – Do you have plenty of evenings free? Well if you do this could be the job for you. If you feel that you could look after more than one child on a Friday or Saturday night then you could earn a very good income from this. 
  • Cake decorating – If you have an eye for detail and you enjoy baking them this is another good business to get into, but it is no good if you are not willing to put the time and effort into it as you need to extremely good at this in order to make a good enough income from it.

Many more business ideas

There are many other things that you could use in order to start up your own business here we have just mentioned a few which you could possibly think about using or actually use.

Author Bio:
Austin Richard Is an I.T professional from pass certification. He is 9L0-314 certified. He is now getting prepared for 9L0-408 exam. He likes to write about Business.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Its Never to Late to Start a Home Business

Apple muffin
Apple muffin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It’s great to have hobbies as they clear your mind, keep your fingers nimble and your brain active, but have you noticed how expensive many hobbies have become? The time has come to find hobbies which don’t break the bank or, preferably, ones that actually increase your bank balance. Make a list of things you enjoy to do – things you’re good at and things you’d be interested in pursuing. Let’s look at a few clever ideas. 

Start a Baking Business

If you’re lucky enough to be a great baker, this may be something worth investigating. Not only is baking a real talent but it’s also rather scientific. (If you've ever mis-measured the ingredients in a cake recipe you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to.) The average person would much rather buy a cake than bake one, so you already have that on your side. Start by selling your baked goods at small fairs and markets; set up a Facebook page with photos of your wares; hand out business cards to friends and family and also don’t be shy to approach companies about baking for them on a weekly or monthly basis. Sending over samples may be a clever way to tip them in your favour. 

Offer Home Organization Services

As you grow older you realise that there are many people out there who have spent their lives ‘trying to get organised’ with little or no success. If you’ve always had a flair for organisation and your cupboards are almost always neatly packed and stacked, there may be an untapped opportunity waiting to be uncovered. Offer your services to friends and ask them to pass on your business cards to their friends and colleagues  Place an advert in your local newspaper and on any community notice boards in and around your area. Speak to real estate agents, people who have recently moved into new homes and also to small companies who often don’t have the resources to employ an admin person full time. 

Turn a Hobby into a Business

Arts and crafts can be a costly pastime, but when you’re looking at it as being a potential income earning activity, the playing field changes. People are always looking for original, thoughtful gift ideas and if you can come up with something that goes just that little bit further or is great value for money, you’re heading in the right direction. If you’re really good at a certain hobby you could even consider offering classes. Many people find themselves glued to their computers on social media sites and playing games such as Intertops blackjack out of sheer boredom, but given the opportunity to attend a course in an informal setting and learn a new skill that they will be able to save them money in future, they are bound to consider it – especially if targeted and marketed correctly. 

Teach your Skill

Gardener Gardening
Gardener Gardening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It’s clear to see that the world is ‘going green’ and that its citizens have begun to take a pro-active approach to preserving the earth and its contents for future generations to come. In a time where there is much talk about genetically modified foods being unhealthy and organic produce being the best option, it may be time for you to start your own vegetable and herb garden. Not only will you save on having to go out and buy certain vegetables, but the convenience of having them on hand is priceless. If you have green fingers you may even consider teaching a beginners gardening class from your own home. While gardening may sound simple and straightforward to you, for many, both young and old it’s a daunting task, but given the right guidance, many successful gardeners may emerge.
There are hundreds of hobbies one could consider pursuing, but remember, unless you enjoy it and are relatively good at it, you may want to look further down on the list. Don’t feel hedged in – you may decide to make beaded jewellery this month and candles the next – as long as you have a diverse client base, the world is your oyster, but be warned: if you land up with a closet full of goods that haven’t sold, you may need to reconsider your hobby of choice and spend some time investigating what the market is actually interested in buying.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Focus on your Dreams if you Want to Revive your Business in 2013

Dreams are invisible but powerful. Organizations fail because they don’t have dream. Dreams lead them step by step into the future and final destination. A dream left unattempted is nothing more than a nightmare. To achieve your business goal or dreams you should act your dream. You should pay more attention to your dream if you want to revive your business as much attention you pay to them, they will pay more attention to you. 

How you can revive through dreams?

The most imperative focused point of interest a conglomeration can have is to attract and holds important representatives. Individuals don't exist for the conglomeration. The conglomeration exists for individuals. The representatives don't come to work since they cherish the association, or love the work. They come to work in light of the fact that they have dreams for themselves and their families. The point when a conglomeration doesn't give careful consideration to its worker's dreams it instantly goes out of business.

In the event that conglomerations assistance workers realize their dreams they will carry the ardor and vigor they have for their dreams to their work. Too regularly conglomerations concentrate on benefits, cutting expenditures and corporate objectives rather than concentrating on what drives individuals who drive the conglomeration. So the Employees' enormous dreams ought to be conglomeration's top necessity. Conglomerations can make a huge measure of unwaveringness simply by listening to workers and by making a nature where the dreams of representatives might be distinguished and satisfied.

Conglomerations might as well study what the worker's dreams are then after that discovers a route to join their work today with their dreams for tomorrow. Profiting without a dream to satisfy is pointless. "Life is about living our dreams."

So conglomeration's objectives ought to be arranged with the worker's dreams. The conglomerations that comprehend and esteem their workers to the degree of helping them fulfill their dreams will find representatives that are locked in, cheerful and ready to help the conglomeration succeed. 

What should be in your dreams?

If you want to revive your business then your dreams should be SMART.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A –Actionable
R – Realistic
T – Timed

Failure of your business is not failure at all

But we believe that failure is a situation and situations are always temporary. It is how we perceive this situation whether we chose to stay in this situation or we take it as challenge and use our all energies to come out of this situation.

We believe that failure is fruitful because (you Learn Your Limitations and How to Work Around Them, You Learn to Accept Criticism and Use It to Your Advantage, You Learn the Value of Hard Work, You Learn That It’s Not Always About You, You Learn to Push Past Your Fear). It is an awakening signal. L stands for luminous here. Failure enlightens ones shortcomings. We believe that failure take us one step closer to the success. It refines our process, give us more experience. We believe that what you learn from failure you can never learn that from success.

Author Bio:
Austin Richard is an IT professional from Pass Certification. It provides you 100% 70-484 exams. Let’s take benefit of 156-315.75 Exams material efficiently and get guaranteed success. Check out free demo of all certifications Exam.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is It Time to Invest in a Business?

If you are over 50, then you know that every finance decision in your life needs to be made with care. This is because you are getting ready for retirement and a bad investment could cost you. One of the things you should know is whether it is prudent to invest in a business. There are a few things you will want to take into consideration. 

The truth is that there is no one right answer to the question. You will have to look at the different options in front of you as well as the business that you are considering. The best way to understand this is to look at the benefits and compare them to the drawbacks of investing in a business later in life. This can help you to get the perspective you need. 

Benefits of Investing in a Business After 50

The first thing to realize that starting or investing in a business later in life is a lot like starting a business when you are young. You need to make sure that you have a great product or service, with a proper business plan and the necessary tools to put it to work. 

There are some differences that you will find to starting a job later in life affords you. For one, you will find that you have more experience than you had when you were young. There is a big difference in a finance business when you are 25 compared to when you are 50. This experience could be just what the business needs to succeed. Even if you do not have experience in the industry of the business you are investing in, you can always hire a firm to find you the best employees for the job. 

Another thing you will find when you invest in a business is the tax benefits that you receive. Having a business does allow for certain tax benefits that may benefit you. To find out what you can expect, talk with your accountant to find out how this will affect you and your business. 

There are many success stories of people who start a business after 50. Money can be made when you have a sound business. This is why many people find it easier to buy a business rather than start one of their own. 

You will get the chance to do something you love. Many people find that starting a business gives them the chance to have a career that they can be proud of and enjoy working at. While there will still be stressful periods, this can be the answer you are looking for if you are unhappy in your current position. 


There are a few things you will want to keep in mind before you make the decision to invest in business. For instance, you need to think about how much risk you are comfortable with taking. Starting a business from the ground up will take many hours, which may mean that you have no other way to supplement income until the business picks up. However, if done properly, your business could make you a lot of money. 

You also need to think about what your financial goals are, as the business failing is a reality you may face. It is important to know how this will affect you. However, if you properly budget and find a business that will fit into the funds you have available, it may be a good investment. 

There is no way to know what investment will pay off in the long run. Often times, bigger risks can gain larger rewards, such as with investing in a business. This is why it is important to look at all the different risks and benefits you will have with the business to know if it is right for you. 

Author Bio
Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to the field of business. In this article, he offers advice to individual wishing to invest and aims to encourage further study with a master of public administration.

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