Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Making Some Extra Moola! How to Increase Your Income as a Stay at Home Parent

Being a stay-at-home parent is a full-time job, but instead of earning a paycheck you are compensated with “the wheels on the bus” running on a loop in your head, sticky jelly covered fingers, and the ever-dreaded potty training. 

Silliness aside, the ability to stay-at-home with your children and be a part of their day to day lives is a gift but doesn’t always come easy. Most likely you were a two-income household before you had children, and while you can still live on one income having some extra money can make a huge difference, in not only your finances but also knowing that you are not just Mommy or Daddy.

Writing for Money

Writing from home can be done in many different ways. You could write a blog. Typically, people make money from their blogs by having sponsored advertisers or affiliate markers on their blog. 

If you would like a little more direction when you, write there are many online sites that pay for specific articles or website content. There is also a need for resume writers, proofreaders and copywriters.

Turn Your Hobby into a Business

There are many ways to monetize your hobby. There are online shops were people sell their handcrafted items. These sites don’t just offer sewing and crochet items. Many people sell artwork, premade scrapbook pages or kits, jewelry, handmade soaps, or candles. The possibilities are endless and you get to spend some time doing something that makes you happy and fulfilled.

If your hobby is more computer-driven, then there are many ways to make money from behind your screen. There is freelance graphic designing, creating websites, creating printable planner pages, launching and monetizing your own game, or organizational charts.

Do you like to cook? You could write and sell an eBook full of your favorite recipes. If a book seems overwhelming, you could sell individual recipes. There is a real need for recipes that follow a special diet (vegan, gluten-free, nut-free). You can also sell baked goods or specialized candies online.

Selling Old Items for Fast Cash

If you are looking to make some money quickly because your car is making a thumping noise, or your dryer seems to be taking a really long time to dry, then look no further than your very own house. 

You probably have toys that are no longer played with, clothes that have been grown out of, or gifts that you are just not going to use. Snap a picture and upload them to an online auction site or marketplace or gather them up and have a garage sale. 

They always say “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.” You could be sitting on a gold mine and not even realize it.

These ideas just scratch the service of what you can do to earn some extra cash. A little thought and some determination can have you working in no time.

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