Friday, March 22, 2019

Why Planting a City Garden is a Great Idea

There are plenty of things that can be done to make the world a better place, but one of the brightest and most cheerful acts is planting a community garden. The colors and fresh greenery make for a prettier, cleaner stretch of land than a slab of pavement. 

 Band together with your friends and neighbors and create beauty in a negative space. It is one of the best things that you can do for the area you live in. Try to choose a spot of the city that is, for lack of a better word, ugly. The transformation of a city-wide eyesore makes such an impact!

Build Friendships

Investor Neill Sullivan Oakland is a great example of how a common goal brings people together. The neighborhoods that he has invested in have a fantastic sense of unity. Use these Oakland neighborhoods as an inspiration when working together. Collaborating with people you don’t know well breaks barriers and creates a new appreciation for them. 

Think about the number of people who live in your city that you don’t even know yet! As the bulbs you plant will turn into beautiful flowers, so strangers can become friends. The positive shockwaves of this undertaking can continue even after it is completed in the new bonds you have forged.

Stay Busy

You know the saying about idle hands. Keep them from becoming the devil’s playground by keeping many people busy at once. This sort of project isn’t restricted to any age or gender; anybody can work on it! It can be a fantastic school project for all ages during the day and a way to keep kids out of trouble after school. 

It can be a moment of quiet for retirees who enjoy creating. It can just be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Since the garden doesn’t belong to any one person anybody can work on it, anytime!

Unexpected Leadership Roles

Taking on an endeavor like this is not something that can be done overnight. There are legal matters as well as planning to take into account. Many city council meetings will probably need to be had before this idea can become a reality. Once it is approved, there is the task of designating who will be in charge of what aspects. 

This is not a bad thing! If you are not usually one to take control of a situation, this is the ideal moment to do so. Volunteer for a spot on the team that helps hone your leadership skills. An opportunity to learn is never wasted.


Once it is completed, you and your friends and neighbors can step back and look at a job well done. The sense of accomplishment in the flower beds, newly painted benches and freshly-spread bark make this project all worth it. 

What was once a vacant place in the city has become something entirely new. The sweat, long days and hard labor result in a lovely place in your community that you can be proud of! Best of all, it is a spot that many people will enjoy for many years to come. 

Imagine quiet walks, weddings, first dates that will happen here down the road. Life began in a garden, and you have created magic through this one!

It is not an easy task, but planting a garden within your city is worth it in the end. Seeing people enjoying the result of all your hard work ignites a flame of pride and respect for the place you live in. Do your small part in making the world a better place by contributing something beautiful and well-made to your city.

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