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Natural Ways to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

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Everyone wants to be healthy, but few of us are doing enough to get there. Study after study has revealed the bleak truth: Americans are obese, sick, and stressed out. For most of us, caring for our physical and mental health is a battle — and it’s one that we are losing.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The truth of the matter is that caring for your physical and mental health isn’t necessarily hard. It’s just that we tend to go about it in the wrong ways. We look for cure-alls and make big changes all at once. We opt for fad diets or crash diets, and then we fail to stick to them. None of this works, and we have the studies to prove it.

So what does work? Here are a few simple actions you can take and lifestyle changes you can make that will have a meaningful (and, crucially, a long-term) impact on your mental and physical health.

Take a vacation

Vacations are very good for you mentally and, in many cases, are even good for your physical health. Yet far too many of us are skipping our breaks and leaving our vacation days on the table. We’re working too hard and taking our work home with us, and we’re not doing enough to take ourselves off of the grid for a while.

Make a change. Head down to Florida or out to the West Coast for a relaxing vacation on the beach, or fulfill a lifelong dream and go see some powerful natural or man-made sites. While on vacation, do your best to ignore work completely (they’ll be fine without you).

You’ll get even more out of vacation if you manage to get some exercise in the sun. So go check out the kayak rentals in West Palm Beach or the surfing lessons down the coast. Nobody says you can’t break a sweat while you relax your mind.

Have fun exercising

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Most of us don’t get enough exercise, but the reason for that isn’t necessarily that we’re lazy. What’s happening is that we’re failing to make moving around and breaking a sweat into a habit. If your workout makes you miserable, then it’s not hard to see why you wouldn’t want to make it a habit.

That’s why the most effective workout for you is whatever workout you have fun doing. Whether it’s hiking, rock climbing, cycling, swimming, kayaking, or something else entirely, find something that you actually like doing and make exercise a part of your life instead of just some chore.

Make a habit of fueling your body

Diets don’t work because they don’t encourage us to form habits. Diets are drastic and temporary changes, and we tend to ditch them when we reach our goals (or before that, unfortunately). And what happens then? We go back to what we were doing which makes us gain our weight right back, and more importantly, makes us less healthy.

Try to make more long-term changes in your diet. This means you should not drastically cut calories or completely change the way you eat overnight. Instead, focus on filling up on more of the good stuff. That means whole foods, especially vegetables.

Your body also needs nutrients, and it can be made healthier with all sorts of other supplements, lifestyle products, and even beauty routines. Choose high-impact supplements like multivitamins, fish oil, and CBD. The last one is all the rage right now, explain the CBD experts at Pure for Life, because it has been shown to reduce anxiety and has a host of other health benefits. In fact, we’re still learning more about some of them.

Choose supplements that are easy to take. Take a multivitamin pill in the morning with your medication, or vape some CBD on your way to work. Use natural products whenever you’re ingesting things or applying things to your body in any way.

When you put the right products and foods into and onto your body, the right kind of physical and mental health outcomes follow.

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