Friday, September 13, 2019

How Much Car Can You Can Afford on a Budget

Buying a car is a big step. Motor vehicles are expensive, and they require a lot of responsibility to operate safely. However, the car buying process itself can be very confusing. There are many choices on the market. 

There are coupes, sedans, minivans, SUVs, crossovers, and more to choose from. Deciding on just what kind of vehicle you want to buy can be tough. Just how much car do you really need and can afford on your budget?

Your Basic Needs for the Car

Everyone needs a car for a reason. Some need one to commute to work. Others need one to drive their kids to and from soccer practice. Consider what your bare minimum needs are for a vehicle. This includes the number of seats you need. If you have a spouse, three children and your parents living with you, obviously a car with four seats is not going to suffice.

Used Vs. New

One of the more significant decisions you will have to make is deciding between buying a new car and buying a used one. There are trade-offs for both choices. Older cars are definitely less expensive. However, more modern vehicles are likely to run better and require fewer repairs.

Buying Used Parts

Buying a fixer-upper can be a way to save money. If you are a gearhead or know someone that can work on the car for you, you’ll save even more. There are ways you can save money if you need to perform repairs on a used vehicle. 

For one, used parts are certainly cheaper than new parts from the manufacturer. Buying used Ford Mustang parts, for example, can make the sports car more affordable.


You also have to consider the different factors that go into the exact total price to own a car. This includes insurance. Specific vehicles are much more expensive to insure. Others require less in premiums. Obviously, a European sports car will be more costly to insure than an American sedan.

Fuel Economy

Lastly, another thing you need to consider when deciding if a car is within your budget is just how much gas it will require. This is a substantial hidden cost you must find. SUVs, for example, tend to be gas guzzlers. 

Smaller cars, on the other hand, will be much more fuel-efficient. Similar sized models from different manufacturers may also have different gas mileage for both highway and city driving. Try to make a lot of direct comparisons.

Overall, what kind of car you can afford depends on a lot of different factors. There are also several different strategies you can use to save money. Consider all these factors when deciding if a vehicle is within your budget or not.

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