Wednesday, January 29, 2020

5 Factors to Consider When You Start Looking for a Home to Retire In

If you are ready to start looking for a home to retire in, it is important to keep some key factors in mind. No longer are you looking just for an attractive house or one that can house a large family. Consider the following before making a purchasing decision.


The location of your current home meets your present needs, you’re the home you plan to retire in needs to be able to serve your needs for many years to come—potentially the rest of your life. 

Give some thought to where you would like to live ten or twenty years from now when you retire. For example, if you live in a rural area now, you might prefer a home closer to other families for increased socialization or enhanced security. 

Alternately, if you currently reside in a busy urban area or near a bustling airport, maybe you would like a quieter retirement community.

A real estate agent should know the area and can help you make housing decisions based on preferred locations for the future. They will also know if there is a large community of seniors in the area you’re looking at, which can be good for socializing and finding senior services in the community.

Safety Features

Depending on your health, you might be interested in a home with safety features, such as a wheelchair ramp or a handrail along the walls of the main living area. Step-in showers and lower-level sinks might be other features to look for. 

If homes you browse do not have these features, and you don’t need them yet, determine whether properties of interest can be readily amended if needed.

You should also think of what health needs you might have in the future. You might feel fine now, but if there is a history of heart problems, strokes, dementia, or other health problems in your family, it may be wise to take these into account.

Family Accessibility

To maintain regular visits with adult children and grandkids, you may want to move closer to one or all of them, as some retirees do. Of course, travel is not usually a problem for families separated by distance, but if travel is a concern, shop for homes within commuting distance of loved ones. 

If you plan for your home to be a gathering place for your family members during the holidays or family reunions, you may want a large home with some spare guest rooms available.

Proximity to Amenities

Even if you plan to stay in the same area, you may want to consider nearby convenience services, such as car fuel, groceries, and prescriptions. Delivery services can handle many errands for you, but you may want to do some of your own pickups and tasks in the future. Make sure that those services are in an easily commutable distance, especially if delivery services aren’t available.

Budget Changes

People’s budgets and income often change when they retire, for better or worse. Plan your lifestyle budget before buying a home to ensure you can still afford house payments when retirement rolls around. Factor in utilities, insurance, and taxes along with the home’s maintenance and repairs.

Preparing for retirement is an exciting time. With careful planning, you can find just the right home to meet your needs for the golden years of life.

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