Monday, May 18, 2020

How to Take Care of Your Finances After Retirement

Your ability to manage your money after you retire may actually be just as important as your ability to save. To make sure that your income is well-protected, it’s critically important to know your risk tolerance. You must be comfortable with your investments as they currently stand. You will also want to plan properly for those you will leave behind.

Cash Today: Needs Vs Wants

Careful monitoring of your spending and tracking where your dollars are going out is always a good investment of your time. Knowing where you need to spend your money and doing so with care will give you more cash for your “wants” when they crop up. 

If one of your retirement goals was the chance to travel, then you will probably need a reliable vehicle. With a focus on the right car, you can pare back other expenses more easily.

Investments: Maintaining Liquidity

If you have money in stocks and bonds, converting those assets to cash will be a simple process. However, if the majority of your money is tied up in your house, art, or rare coins, converting these things to cash may be more of a challenge. 

Selling your home and moving to raise cash quickly means that you may not get the best price. Such a move will also be extremely stressful and may impact your health.

Tax Planning

The laws on Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) have changed repeatedly over the years. If you are approaching 70, contact your accountant for instructions on the best way to manage the minimum distributions you must take from your retirement accounts to avoid a punitive penalty.

After You’re Gone

Make sure you have a life insurance policy that will at least cover your funeral expenses. In addition, consider setting up an agreement with a funeral home and mortician so that the expense of managing your final remains is taken care of. 

The professionals at Damar Kaminski Funeral Home & Crematorium can help you select the best plan for your budget. Once you’ve made your selection, be sure to let your family know of your choice and get a copy of the agreement to your executor.


The first few months after your retirement may be worrisome. Making sure that you can thrive on the retirement dollars you have coming in may take some budgetary adjustments. However, if you can keep your goals in sight and focus on putting your time and dollars there, you can enjoy a retirement focused on what you’ve always wanted to do.

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