Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ways to Make Sure Your Finances Are Organized As You Age

As you age, you need to ensure you are protecting yourself from financial errors. A great way to do this is to ensure you are taking care of your finances at a younger age. Many financial scams focus on reaching out to older people, which makes it extra important to keep your finances in check.

Follow these steps to remain organized financially:

Keep Your Estate Planning Documents Updated

It is important to make sure you have all of your estate documents organized and updated as you start getting older. You will want to ensure your will, power of attorney, health care directives, living trust, and even funeral home preferences are all up to date. This will ensure your business continues once you’ve passed on.

Organize Papers and Make Sure Someone Knows Where They Are

Make sure your important documents, passwords, and lists of assets are in a secure location. These important papers should be kept in a waterproof box or safe within the home. Make sure the children, spouse, or confidante know where these papers are located if you become incapacitated.

Keep Your Accounts Simple

When you consolidate your bank accounts and brokerage, you will have less to manage. Keeping fewer accounts makes it easier to stay organized and will give you less to manage.

Have an Emergency Fund

It is important to have an emergency fund because there are big expenses that can pop up without any warning. Expensive home repairs, emergency health issues, or other emergencies can cause a lot of stress if you do not have an emergency fund. Having an emergency fund is a top priority at any age, but it is especially important during your golden years. 

There is more you could lose if a big bill came along that you struggled to take care of. There should be enough to cover at least six months of living expenses, but having a financial cushion that can provide a year’s worth of living expenses is ideal.

Life Insurance

Most will already have health insurance for the family, but it is important to have life insurance as well. Life insurance creates a death benefit for the beneficiaries that can take care of education, household expenses, mortgage, and funeral expenses.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance will give you a little wiggle room if there is an event that causes injury or illness. Most companies have a policy that will provide disability, but it is important to increase your coverage or get your own disability insurance if you’re self employed.

With age, your finances may become more complicated. Make sure you are always organized and prepared by following the above tips.

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