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Best Swing Trade Alert Services

If done correctly, trading on the side while working a full-time job is the perfect way to boost your income and it can be a highly effective way to enhance your financial security. However, when it comes to trading, it can be hard to determine which stock trade alert service is the best for you and your most prized possession, money. 

To create the best path for you, we have strictly analyzed several different services and narrowed down the top four best swing trade alert services that are around right now, pros and cons included.

What is a swing trade alert?

Whether you are new to investing or an experienced investor that is interested in checking out swing trading, you will be happy to know that swing trading is a great way to enhance your wealth and achieve your dreams much faster. 

When you become a swing trader, you will find a whole new world. As opposed to other types of investing, swing trade alerts provide a helpful, simple, and fuss-free way of investing.

Hours of time will be given back to you because you won’t have to be constantly scanning, selecting stocks, filtering, analyzing the markets, and chartering. 

Receiving swing trade alerts and using them is an effective way to diversify your risk because it is common knowledge that no single strategy works in every single market condition. That is why it makes so much sense to consider multiple strategies to play the market.

Fast 5 Trades

The operation of Fast 5 Trades, Kyle Dennis, made 10 million in the past few years from trading profits. Because of this recent success, he was also interviewed by Forbes. Fast 5 Trades is based around a single swing trade per week via mobile app and email.

Kyle thrives on teaching how to swing trade stocks and those alerts are expected to teach people how to find entry and exit points. People wanting to copy Kyles's trade idea must get in quickly as Kyle chooses to only trade small-cap stock in this alert service. The mobile app is your best bet so that you can receive these alerts as quickly as possible.


  • Low price
  • Alerts available via a mobile app

Mindful Trader

Mindful Trader is a service that provides data-driven trade alerts that can benefit you greatly. Every bit of information is provided to you in an easy to understand way and Eric Fergusons approach to investing is unique. 

Eric Ferguson from Mindful Trader believes that a mindful approach to investing can change the investing journey for you drastically and he can also teach you the art of mindfulness mixed with investing.

He spent years perfecting his alerts with data-driven information and believes that being mindful can be the key to achieving trading success. You don’t need to practice mindfulness or meditate to be able to use Mindful Trader services, however, it can be a great thing to have on your side while trading. Though it is newer to the scene, it is making a tremendous impact and the reaction to it is incredible.

The fact that Mindful Trader practices mindfulness is one of the most interesting and unique things about this service. People rarely associate mindfulness with any form of investing, however, mindfulness is a steady, common, and highly beneficial thing to adhere to when you are investing. Some people believe investing to be a stressful practice, but it really doesn’t have to be!

With this in mind, Mindful Trader is just what the world needs. Business, investing, and professionalism mixed with mindfulness. It is rare to see that concoction, however, it is exactly what is needed.


  • Long-term wealth potential
  • Data-driven alerts
  • Easy to follow
  • Plenty of time to respond to alerts

Motley Fool

Perhaps one of the more popular and well-known services, Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers are more long-term swing trade alerts. With an amazing low subscription price and great long-term return rates, it is hard to bypass Motley Fool. Both of these services provide access to trade alerts, the entire in-depth history of all stock picks, and plenty of helpful educational material.

Motley Fool stands out yet again due to the fact that even short-term traders can make a return with those stock picks. The trade alerts are sent and received via email, however, if you want to be faster, try logging in to the members’ dashboard. You will then be able to view the trade alert faster.


  • Tom and David Gardner's stock picks outperformed the S&P 500
  • Every single stock pick since inception is available via the members’ dashboard
  • Email notifications provide active trade management
  • Discounts available

Jason Bond Picks

Let’s end this with one of the biggest swing trade alert services right now. Since it started 10 years ago, Jason Bond Picks offered students education and a stock market alert service. Usually, Jason will hold his positions overnight for a good few days. 

Up until 2019, Jason’s swing trade alerts were strictly focused on swing trading stocks, however, in 2020, he added some long call and long put trade which allowed him to diversify his investments.

Jason has a great commitment to his services and that shows in the great swing trade alert service he has built. He is always working to improve Jason Bond Picks and is always adding new things to benefit investors. 


  • Pre-market newsletter highlights the trade ideas for the day
  • Large video lesson library available
  • Buy or sell trade alerts are quickly submitted via the mobile app
  • Before the trade alert, the advanced notice informs about the concrete planned action

In essence, the best swing trade alert services are the ones that can be readily adopted and are user-friendly. Each service mentioned above is very unique, so you are never out of options. With every single one, you will find different pros and cons. 

We can choose the best out of the lot, but afterward, it all comes down to your choice and which option you think will be the best one for you.

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