Thursday, August 19, 2021

A Guide to Diabetes Warning Signs for Seniors

Diabetes refers to a type of illness where the body does not create or utilize insulin properly. Insulin is vital in helping the body convert glucose into energy needed by cells. This article will help you identify early warning signs of diabetes and ways to manage it in older people. Some symptoms to look out for include;

Frequent Feeling of Thirst

Due to the body's inability to absorb and utilize glucose, the body tends to get rid of excess glucose in the blood through frequent urination. This causes the body to lose water, making one feel thirsty more often than expected.

Routine visits to the restroom should range between four to seven times a day. More visits may be an early sign that a physician should look into. One can also change their diet and focus on healthy portioned meals to ensure the body receives needed energy in bits it can process.

Prolonged Episodes of Fatigue and Tiredness

Most people tend to assume this sign as fatigue is attached to old age. While this may be relatively true, a continued feeling of fatigue even after eating is alarming. It may mean the body is not getting enough glucose due to insulin malfunction. To remedy this, one can utilize prescribed doses of insulin.

Slow Wound Healing

Having wounds that take longer to heal or progress faster is a sign that the cells are not getting enough glucose to accelerate healing. 

Such wounds may begin as minor cuts but progress faster and often takes weeks or months to heal. One can remedy this by paying attention to injuries and ensuring they are properly cleaned and well dressed.

Dry, Itchy Skin

Unexplained dry, itchy skin is another example of a symptom of diabetes as your cells continually lose water due to your kidney's inability to reabsorb it and adequately utilize glucose.

One thus tends to have dry and cracking skin. One way to remedy this is by frequently moisturizing your skin with products intended to keep your skin moisturized.

Gradual Unaccounted Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Unaccounted weight loss or gain may be due to the body's inability to utilize glucose. Weight loss is caused by the body storing this glucose as fat, while weight gain is where the body is not absorbing energy provided by food, thus burning its fats. This can be controlled by prescribed dieting.

By working with a physician and having a lifestyle change, one can appropriately manage the early signs of diabetes. One needs to be keen to identify them and ensure they are getting the proper care. 

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