Wednesday, October 20, 2021

How a Lawyer Can Help You While You're on Long-Term Disability

Are you on long-term disability? If so, you may be scared to know what will happen if your condition worsens or if the company paying for your medical care goes bankrupt. 

You are not alone in this fear! Thankfully, there are many ways that a lawyer can help you during this difficult time. Read below for seven reasons why it's important to seek legal advice while on long-term disability:

To Help You Fight for Your Benefits

When the company paying you long-term disability begins to question whether or not their payments are correct, they will hire an attorney. If this happens, it is important to do the same to protect yourself and receive all of the money you deserve.

To Help You With Any Appeals

If your company decides on whether or not they will pay for an appeal, their attorney will submit this request. If necessary, it is important to hire legal representation so that the process can be as successful and smooth as possible.

To Help You Fight Against Fraudulent Claims

If the company believes that your long-term disability claim is fraudulent, they may hire an attorney to prove it. If this happens, make sure that you are protected by hiring legal representation as well.

To Help You Fight Against Discrimination

If the company believes that they are not responsible for your long-term disability, there is a chance that they will try to prove it. If this happens, be sure to hire an attorney so that their claims can be proven false.

To Help You Challenge the Status of Your Claim

If there are any suspicions about whether or not their health is improving, it may be necessary to hire legal assistance. This will ensure that everything goes as planned so that your benefits can continue even if things don't seem clear.

To Help You Get the Right Amount of Money

If your company decides to change how much they will pay for medical care, you must understand what this means. If necessary, hire a long-term disability attorney so that everything goes smoothly and all of your benefits are protected.

To Help You Fight Against Tax Implications

When your company decides to change how much they will pay for long-term disability, this could mean that the amount of money you are receiving is taxable. 

If necessary, hire an attorney who can explain more about what exactly this means and how it may affect you.

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