Sunday, August 28, 2022

How to Afford a Mobility Scooter in Your Old Age

If you're a senior citizen with mobility issues, a scooter can drastically improve your quality of life. Not only can it serve as a source of physical comfort, but it can also help you feel better emotionally by increasing your confidence in outdoor spaces. Since they can get expensive, however, you might need help affording one.

Here are a few tips for reducing the cost of a mobility scooter.

Government Assistance

If you're disabled, the Australian government offers assistance through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This program is designed to help individuals with disabilities who can't afford the cost of living with their condition on their own. 

You'll need to meet certain requirements to receive a mobility scooter since they're considered a "specialized" and "complex" piece of assistive technology. Still, if you meet the criteria, it'll be provided for you at low or no cost. NDIS might also cover repairs and replacements needed in the future.


Outside of the government, there are also advocacy and charity groups that offer to fund senior citizens in need. Some, including the Australian Seniors Technology Grant, give money directly to seniors. 

Others are aimed more toward businesses that serve the elderly, but if you're a member of any church, charity, or community program, it might be worth bringing these grants to their attention. They could use the Grants for Seniors program to fund mobility scooters for everyone in your area.

You can also reach out to advocacy groups like the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) to see if they can connect you with any grant-giving programs in your city.

"Pay Later" Platforms

A growing number of "buy now, pay later" platforms are available in Australia. These include Afterpay, Zip, Klarna, and PayRight. When you utilize these services, you can purchase big-ticket items for only a fraction of the cost, leaving the rest billed to you in small, regular installments. 

Depending on the service that you go with, you can make payment plans that last anywhere from 3 - 36 months. Just know that every service is different, so their terms will also differ. 
Afterpay has a maximum purchase limit of $2,000, which will only cover the lower end of mobility scooters. By contrast, PayRight has an upper limit of $20,000, but it requires a credit check.

Mobility scooters can get expensive, but they don't have to be unreachable. Even if they're outside your typical budget, you can use these tips and tricks to reduce costs to something more manageable. Good luck!

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