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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How Bitcoins Can Revolutionize The World Of Finance

Bitcoin Art
Bitcoin Art (Photo credit: btckeychain)
Bitcoins are a new kind of currency that shows promising value to the financial world. They are digital coins that can be exchanged between two individuals involved in a transaction without the involvement of any bank or finance company. They are used with the help of an open sourced project that enables users to review the code freely. 

This project is named – Bitcoin Miner, where bitcoins are created at a limited rate. These coins are being used despite none of the financial institutions officially approving of them. Bitcoins are assigned to you with the help of a secure electronic signature. Currently there are only 7 million bitcoins in use and the total number of bitcoins cannot exceed 21 million for security reasons. 

It is being said that bitcoin is going to grow further and become an indispensable E-commerce tool. This is strengthened by the fact that the bitcoin has emerged as the independent and transparent currency bringing about the great financial revolution. Due to the low transaction fees associated with bitcoins, many merchants prefer to use bitcoins. 

Apart from this, another advantage is this that you can make faster transactions just by paying a voluntary transaction fees in case you need to make emergency money transfers.

No Centralized Authority And Global Presence

Since there's no one individual or company involved as an intermediary who looks after or controls the transaction between two individuals using bitcoins, they are catching popularity with many users. Only a secure network is involved in the transactional process thus created greater freedom for the investors and users alike. 

Bitcoins have also managed to replace wire transfers such as PayPal and others. All that one needs to use bitcoins is Internet access, bitcoin wallet and bitcoin address of the person whom you want to transfer. All this is achieved once you create an account online that is going to be secure and cannot be frozen either.

Competitive Enough

Bitcoin offers you to make transactions through various currencies including Euros, Dollars and others. You can make easy money transfers by transferring these bitcoins to the recipient’s accounts. 

They are termed competitive because they can now be compared to the electronic mail that helps you send or receive mails from anywhere in the world or Skype , that helps you make video and voice calls and messaging to anyone across the globe.

Faster And Secure Transactions

You can easily make transactions over the distributed bitcoin networks, that too within no time. Unlike banks and other financial institutions, bitcoins never let you go through rigid and time consuming processes. 

Military grade cryptography for transactions makes payments safe for the users as only the user will have access to the private keys assigned to him to make the transactions. So you need not worry about money transfer security. It will be better to go for the best Bitcoin investment companies that are perfect for providing better results.


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