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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Save Your End-of-the-Month Budget with Coupons

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We may go freely and a little bit arrogant at the beginning of the month. The wallet is still thick and the card is still fully filled. We go to buy some things and spoil ourselves by other things. However, this joy is only temporary, if we can’t control our financial flow. At the end of the month, you cannot hear louder voice than your wallet’s cry. 

If only you were a little bit diligent and organized, you might save lots of money while also having fun at the same time. How can it even possible? Thanks to shopping coupons, everything is sold at so much cheaper price than your budget affords to buy.

Hunting for coupon for some people is troublesome. Some people even don’t care about the coupon. Well, not until they reach the end of the month. You may underestimate 10% of something, however, 10% of many things can possibly equal to hundred dollars! 

Imagine if you combine all your coupons, you can get lots of price cut, which if they are summed up, they can save you from the atrocity of late month. Is coupon hunting troublesome and time consuming? It depends on your perspective and on how you do it. Fortunately, here are some tips you can adopt:
  • Think about how coupons can save your budget until the last day of the month. Don’t give up from the very beginning or in the middle of way. Since you will go through the entire month, so start it by planning the spending for the entire month as well. Learn your spending habit and things you would always buy every month.
  • Everyone has their own special spending target. Girls, for example, will spend some money for skin care every month. So, were you that girl, your target would be to look for skin care’s coupon. If you can’t find the coupon for your special need, then you can cover it with other coupons. Groceries’ store coupon is the most common coupon you can get.
  • What? You don’t have time? Then you can gather the coupon side by side with doing your daily activities. When you are searching for news in the virtual world, spend some minutes to open some stores’ website. 
  • Don’t forget to get their email. Some stores allow you to get coupon upon your request. You now can also save with coupons from the mail. Some large stores would ask you to register to their database and they will send you coupon through mail! Whenever you are reading a newspaper, mind to pay attention on advertisement page to search for the coupon. Is it time consuming? No.
  • The amount of coupons in the mall is so much. Whenever you go to the mall, spare some times to take their flyer, especially from your favorite store. Learn their discount schedule as well. Normally, a store have different and specific discount schedule.
  • Last, don’t forget the expired time. Normally, coupons have deadline, so don’t enjoy collecting the coupons too much to the extent you forget when they end.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Are Coupons Really the Only Way to Improve Your Shopping Budget?

There are very few people round these days who are not in need of a few tricks to make their monthly food budget stretch a little further. Money is tight for most people and the cost of food seems to be on a never ending increase. This has led to the explosion of 'couponing' – the art of clipping discount coupons and special offers in order to reduce your spend – which has given rise to books, websites and even television shows explaining how best to approach couponing, but are coupons really the only way that you can improve your shopping budget? Let's compare a few of the alternatives. 

The Basic Problem With Couponing 

Couponing involves collecting discount coupons and offers in order to save money, but it is a time consuming process. While clipping coupons can be a great way to save money, it also comes with the danger of creating an obsession. A large number of coupon clippers report having feelings of anxiety when they miss out on a deal because the store has sold out or because the relevant coupon has expired. It can be a vicious cycle if you become trapped in it, so it makes sense to look for alternatives to couponing. I'm not saying give it up, just that you could supplement it with alternative options. 

Changing The Way You Shop 

One easy way to stretch that shopping budget without coupons is to adjust your shopping habits. If you switch to generic brands you can trim up to an average of up to 25% off of your shopping budget. There will always be some things that just don't taste good, but you can switch to generic brands on lots of things like pasta, sugar and so on. You can also save a great deal by making a grocery list and sticking to it rigidly. 

Saving Money With A Reward Card 

Another great alternative to couponing is to use reward cards. So long as you use your credit card with care it can be a great way to save some money. Look out for a reward card that offers cash back on grocery purchases, or anything that you will purchase regularly, like fuel. With these rewards you can earn back a small percentage of whatever you spend and if you pay of the bill in full at the end of the month you will not even have to pay interest. Just be sure to keep the money aside in your bank account to cover whatever you spend. 

Other reward cards will allow you to earn points rather than cash back. This allows you to save points up over time and trade them in for vouchers, gifts and other items. Vouchers can be used to cover grocery shopping, or you could trade your rewards in to get gifts for family birthdays thus saving some additional cash. 

Couponing is a good way to stretch your shopping budget, but as I have shown it is not the only way. These are just a few of the many alternatives that you could use instead of or alongside clipping coupons. 

Tim Baker is a writer who loves travelling around the world spending as little as possible using his avios credit card and by taking advantage of shopping and travel rewards.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Easy, Fun Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Vegetables in a grocery store, Paris, France.
Vegetables in a grocery store, Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When trying to find ways to save money, you may feel intimidated or unsure of what you should do. However, if you find easy and fun ways to save money on your groceries, you are more likely to follow through on your intentions. Below you will find simple and entertaining ways to save money on groceries that your family needs. 

#1 Grow a Garden

Growing a garden is a fun hobby for many families. In fact, a backyard garden is a task everyone, even little kids, can take part in. It is also a great way to save money on groceries. When you are planning your backyard garden, think about the type of produce you commonly buy from the grocery store, and plant the most common produce your family consumes in your garden. Doing this will ensure nothing in your garden goes to waste, and you will not have to spend money at the grocery store on these items either.

#2 Cook from Scratch

It is much cheaper to buy ingredients than it is to buy processed or prepared meals. To cut down on your grocery bill, learn to cook from scratch. Often times when you buy ingredients, the item will last for a long time. This means that the next time you need a particular item, you will already have it. Before you know it, you will have a pantry full of ingredients that will make cooking from scratch simple. It will also help you save a great deal of money on your grocery bill.

#3 Use Coupons and Store Cards

When you are planning your weekly or bi-weekly shopping trip, make sure to look over all local store flyers, and to use coupons whenever possible. Make sure you only use coupons to buy items that your family will actually use. In addition to coupons and shopping sales, it is also helpful to get a loyalty card at your favorite grocery store or stores. Loyalty cards often give shoppers access to special deals and promotions that aren't accessible to shoppers without a loyalty card.

#4 Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store

The least expensive, and the healthiest, food in the grocery store is located along the perimeter of the center aisles. To save the most money, do the majority of your grocery shopping from the perimeter of the store. When you do venture into the center aisles, make sure it is only to buy items that you need, items that are on sale or items that you have coupons for. 

#5 Trade Brand Names in For Generics

If you have a favorite brand name product, you may not have to give it up completely in order to save money. However, it may be in your best interest to trade your more expensive brand name product for a similar, more affordable, product. For example, if you always buy your kids expensive brand name cereal, consider buying a store brand cereal that offers the same flavors. If you would like a healthier option, you can opt for oatmeal or a less expensive cereal substitute as well.

Following the above tips will allow you to save money at the grocery store, and have fun doing it. Think of every trip to the grocery store as a personal challenge to save as much money as possible without sacrificing the things your family needs or wants.

Kara Fielder is a working mom with two kids who understands the importance of frugal living. She enjoys sharing her tips and tricks on how to save money by blogging regularly for a variety of websites. Click for money-saving codes and coupons at

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