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Monday, June 3, 2013

Why is a Website You Shouldn't Pass Up as a Parent

Guest post by Lynn D

With the way the economy is, you need to pinch every penny that you can in order to survive. Most people can afford the bare necessities, but not always. Imagine how much easier it would be to live your life with a little extra cash in your pocket, simply because you didn't have to spend so much on the same products that you always get.

In other words, imagine if you had a one-stop place for coupons, savings and discounts on the products you already purchase. Imagine if there were a place where you could get together with everyone trying to make their pennies go a little bit further.

Imagine if you had a place online where you could share discounts and deals you've found with other people while simultaneously reaping the benefits of what other people have shared.

It would not only make your life easier, but it would make it possible to hello your family afford the things that they regularly sacrifice because money is simply too tight for luxuries.

Here's the good news: There's an online community where people share deals, discounts, coupons, promo codes and tips for saving money in everyday life. It's a place called, and there's quite a number of people already using it.

There's a large number of things that you need to survive each day. Things like baby diapers, clothing, doggy kibble and anything else that you need to simply live. With, it's pretty simple to find all of these things. It's even easier to find time-sensitive discounts and clearances that you otherwise would miss.

That's only the tip of the iceberg as to what makes it good.

You know all those things that you have to give up so that you can afford the bare necessities? You can have some of them, because you're able to save money and then save more on the few luxuries you can manage to treat yourself to. You'll find coupons for things like perfume, automotive services and even travel discounts there..

You'd be amazed at how much you can save with one little promotional code in your shopping cart at the online checkout of a store like Sears. You can purchase those new bed sheets that you've simply given up on for years because you needed to purchase uniforms for your children.

Simply put, is a great place to save money. The community is friendly, the discounts are useful to almost everything that you could want, and you'll find deals that you would often times miss there. If you're someone who needs to save a little bit of money, then you should give the website a try.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Easy, Fun Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Vegetables in a grocery store, Paris, France.
Vegetables in a grocery store, Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When trying to find ways to save money, you may feel intimidated or unsure of what you should do. However, if you find easy and fun ways to save money on your groceries, you are more likely to follow through on your intentions. Below you will find simple and entertaining ways to save money on groceries that your family needs. 

#1 Grow a Garden

Growing a garden is a fun hobby for many families. In fact, a backyard garden is a task everyone, even little kids, can take part in. It is also a great way to save money on groceries. When you are planning your backyard garden, think about the type of produce you commonly buy from the grocery store, and plant the most common produce your family consumes in your garden. Doing this will ensure nothing in your garden goes to waste, and you will not have to spend money at the grocery store on these items either.

#2 Cook from Scratch

It is much cheaper to buy ingredients than it is to buy processed or prepared meals. To cut down on your grocery bill, learn to cook from scratch. Often times when you buy ingredients, the item will last for a long time. This means that the next time you need a particular item, you will already have it. Before you know it, you will have a pantry full of ingredients that will make cooking from scratch simple. It will also help you save a great deal of money on your grocery bill.

#3 Use Coupons and Store Cards

When you are planning your weekly or bi-weekly shopping trip, make sure to look over all local store flyers, and to use coupons whenever possible. Make sure you only use coupons to buy items that your family will actually use. In addition to coupons and shopping sales, it is also helpful to get a loyalty card at your favorite grocery store or stores. Loyalty cards often give shoppers access to special deals and promotions that aren't accessible to shoppers without a loyalty card.

#4 Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store

The least expensive, and the healthiest, food in the grocery store is located along the perimeter of the center aisles. To save the most money, do the majority of your grocery shopping from the perimeter of the store. When you do venture into the center aisles, make sure it is only to buy items that you need, items that are on sale or items that you have coupons for. 

#5 Trade Brand Names in For Generics

If you have a favorite brand name product, you may not have to give it up completely in order to save money. However, it may be in your best interest to trade your more expensive brand name product for a similar, more affordable, product. For example, if you always buy your kids expensive brand name cereal, consider buying a store brand cereal that offers the same flavors. If you would like a healthier option, you can opt for oatmeal or a less expensive cereal substitute as well.

Following the above tips will allow you to save money at the grocery store, and have fun doing it. Think of every trip to the grocery store as a personal challenge to save as much money as possible without sacrificing the things your family needs or wants.

Kara Fielder is a working mom with two kids who understands the importance of frugal living. She enjoys sharing her tips and tricks on how to save money by blogging regularly for a variety of websites. Click for money-saving codes and coupons at

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