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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A Close Look at The 95% Mortgages

Just look at it, everyone is chasing it. Only a yes from the lender and you get one of the most precious luxuries of the mortgage market. Yes, the hint is for the mortgage with 95% LTV. It is considered as a great success if you get the approval

for such a signif
icant amount, as it is not easy to convince the lender when it comes to applying for a property loan. 

It covers your property value conveniently, and you do not need to worry about the additional arrangements to bridge the financial gap between the 5% deposit amount and the loan amount you qualify for.

But don't you think before you desperately yearn for the mortgage, it is better to know about all the aspects? Have a look at the different related facets.

First, get friendly with the basic concept

Before you go further, have a quick look at the elemental nature of these mortgages. They facilitate funds equal to 95% of the purchase price or the property value, whichever is high.

Now the ESSENTIAL facts –

The introduction part is done, and now you can move on to the varied features of the 95% mortgages.

The interest rate choices

The mortgages are available with both the types of rate options - fixed rate as well as variable rate. In the latter one, most of the options are available with tracker rate and variable discount rate.

What, if your family or relatives want to help you?

There are several provisions for this too. Several options are there to let it happen.

  • They can pledge their savings as security
  • Can share the responsibility of the monthly mortgage repayments
  • Can offer to give some charge or payment on their property to make it act like a security

You calculate a 95% mortgage like this

With a simple calculation, you can calculate your LTV. Just a small game of numbers and price and you can do it. 

The rule is that you need to divide the loan amount (you want to borrow) by the property price or purchase price, whichever is high. Then multiply it with 100.

Here is an example –

You want to buy a property, and the price is £3,00,000

After deducting the deposit amount you need to borrow 2,85,000

Your LTV will be 2,85 000/3,00,000x100 , which tells that your LTV is 95%.

Higher monthly installments

You may take it as a significant advantage that you have received approval for 95% mortgage, and yes, it is good. 

However, there is always the other side of the coin. Yes, it is easier to cover the property value with this type of mortgage, but your monthly installment will be bigger than a mortgage product with a lower LTV.

Before you make or take a decision, do all the necessary calculations to adjust the upcoming mortgage installments in your monthly budget. Losing the trust of the lender in repayments can affect your financial future through a sharp fall in the credit score status.

Early repayment charges apply on loan with variable rates

If you have taken the loan on the variable rate and want to switch to the fixed rate option or wish to remortgage, it may not be possible to do it without paying an early repayment charge. 

The amount may not be minimal. This fact should always be in your mind when you apply for a 95% LTV mortgage.

Most of the borrowers are ignorant about it, and when they plan the switch, they get stunned. It is the reason that it is better to hire a broker to assist you. 

Broking companies have all the necessary information with the most profound detail. Don't worry. There are fee-free brokers available. They will not add to your burden of installments due to higher LTV, search for 'mortgage broker near me' and you will get the options like

Factors that can get you the approval on 95% LTV mortgage

By working on several conditions, you can get approval on the mortgage.

  • You need an excellent credit score 
  • Your income status should be strong 
  • The debt-to-Income ratio should not be lower than 70:30 
  • Do not take any new loan 
  • Stay in the same job.

(According to the industry experts, you should have completed at least two years in the same company when you apply for a mortgage)

  • If possible try to create additional sources of income as they will help prove a strong repayment capacity
  • Your guarantor should be financially stable and there should be no high-interest debt in your financial records
  • Do not max out your credit cards 
  • Do not make multiple mortgage applications

If you thoroughly follow the above points, it is possible to get a 95% mortgage SMOOTHLY.


The above basics about the 95% LTV mortgages prepare you to apply for the loans with less or no chances of rejection. Besides, the knowledge of the mortgage product is always beneficial for taking big decisions on property investment in the future. 

Author’s note – XYZ has strong knowledge about the mortgage industry and shares here some necessary facts. 95% LTV mortgages are quite popular in the mortgage industry, but how many of you know about them precisely and clearly? Here are the few essential points that should be in your knowledge.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

95% Mortgages (NewBuy Scheme)- Benefits Of This Scheme

If you are in the market for a new home and you are buying a home for the first time, the 95% mortgage NewBuy Scheme should be good news to you! This plan is making home-buying more easy and available to all individuals. In this article, you will learn about the 95% mortgage NewBuy Scheme and the main benefits of this scheme. So read along if you are planning to buy a new home.

The 95% mortgage NewBuy Scheme was launched in March of 2012 by the government. The scheme was designed as a new initiative for first-time home buyers, allowing you to purchase newly constructed homes with a downpayment of at least 5% with a 95% mortgage. This scheme allows mortgage lenders to approve loans to individuals with a much lower deposit than is typical, and can be risky for lenders. However, more and more lenders are willing to do such, as there are many individuals willing to buy new homes under this new plan. For those of you who aren’t aware of what a 95% mortgage plan is, it allows the borrower up to 95% of the homes’ total value.

The benefits of the 95% NewBuy scheme are many. For one, the NewBuy loan is only available to first-time buyers and can be used to purchase a home or an apartment. This leaves room for more choices, as you are not limited to a specific type of home. Another advantage of the NewBuy loan is that it is government-backed, so you know it is not a scam and it can be trusted. The government is contributing to an insurance policy, which is in turn allowing the mortgage lending companies to provide these loans to you, the buyer.

Another major advantage to the NewBuy scheme is that it works just like any other mortgage. You will not be charged higher monthly mortgage rates because you used this plan. You will simply pay the same amount on your loan as someone who received a loan through another avenue. Also, you will not be charged with any second charges on your home.

Another advantage to the NewBuy scheme is that you are only required to make a 5% or 10% down payment on the home. This is a significant difference in most loans, as you might be required to put down a very large initial payment, one which you might not have been able to afford. Because so many mortgage loans require such a large down payment, this has kept many individuals from being able to purchase a home, which is unfortunate. There are many people who could afford to pay the monthly mortgage rates, but who are unable to pay the large down payment. That is why the NewBuy scheme is great for first time buyers. It allows them to become homeowners without breaking the bank, and they are still able to make their monthly mortgage payments.

About the Author
Ashley Parker is a realtor who suggests checking out the Cala Homes Link for more information on 95% mortgages.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Home Mortgages: What Essential Things Should You Know

Strictly speaking, a home mortgage is a very specific type of loan that is designed to cover the purchase of a new home. A home mortgage doesn’t operate identically to other types of personal loans that you may have taken out, even if you take them both out from the same financial institution. While you may have a few months or even a year or more to pay back a loan for a few thousand dollars, for example, you would have 25 or 30 years to pay back the balance on a mortgage. Interest rates are also determined by a different set of criteria when talking about home mortgages. Before you sign on the dotted line with your local bank and look forward to purchasing that new home, there are a few very important things that you’re going to want to know about.

One important factor of buying a home that you need to consider is just when you start the mortgage process. According to Fox Business, experts indicate that you should always start preparing the paperwork needed for your mortgage between six months and one full year before you actually start shopping for a house. The mortgage application and approval process can be a long one, so you want to get things started as early as possible to avoid delays later on. Additionally, knowing what type of mortgage you qualify for will affect the types of houses that you should be looking at.

You can find out about additional mortgage rate information by using sites like You’ll be able to see current rates, view fixed rate trends and track any changes that may be emerging in the market at large. The information on the site can be a great way to stay up to date as possible with mortgage information and to get an accurate gauge of how much you can expect to pay when it comes to buying that home of your dreams.

You should also be aware of the fact that the total amount of money that you use as a down payment on your house will directly affect the overall terms and conditions of the mortgage that you sign up for. You may not actually have a choice when it comes to how much you can put down depending on the situation. Some banks are going to require a 20% down payment before you can be approved for a mortgage, while others may only need 10% or even 5%.

Another factor of buying a home that you’re going to need to consider are the closing costs associated with the final parts of the process. Closing costs generally aren’t part of the down payment on a home, so they will likely have to be rolled into the total amount of money that you’re using the mortgage for. Also keep in mind that the overall closing costs on your home will vary depending on a number of different factors including the total price of the home and even the area in which you live.

Donald Ayers enjoys blogging about his personal finance know how. His articles mainly appear on money saving blogs.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Five reasons you should use a mortgage broker

Loans (Photo credit: zingbot)
When it comes time to shop for a home loan, individuals and families are not always sure where to start. Should they start looking for a home first and then worry about financing? When should they start looking into a home loan? In order to make the process a little easier, many potential homeowners are looking to mortgage brokers for advice and assistance. They want guidance from someone experienced in the industry. There are five major reasons to consider mortgage brokers when searching for the perfect home loan.

Saving Time Searching for a Home Loan

There are so many different lenders to choose from and shopping around can take days or even weeks. Once a consumer has all of the different information from the lender, it isn't always easy to make comparisons to determine which one is offering the best deal. One might require less closing costs but provide a higher interest rate.

Mortgage brokers save individuals time. The brokers know about all of the available loans, lenders and programs available. These professionals can do all the legwork and research in order to provide the client with a few of the best options available. There is no need for the customer to make multiple phone calls or visit several different locations. 


Mortgage brokers focus on one type of loan. They don't research car loans or debt consolidation loans. Because of this, they keep up with the latest information revolving around a mortgage. Banks work with a variety of different loans and a variety of different customers. Instead of specializing, banks attempt to offer many different products to help the most customers. Customers benefit from the focus that mortgage brokers have and the time they invest in researching home loans only.

Large Network of Lenders

With so many lenders working with mortgage brokers, there is a lot of competition to get a person's home loan. It is possible for a broker to get multiple offers for the same loan with different lenders attempting to provide the best deal. The more lenders a mortgage broker works with, the better options their client will have when it comes to a home loan.

One on One Attention for Customers

Getting financial advice from mortgage brokers tends to be easy because of the one on one attention that customers receive. A broker takes the time to research the best option for each potential homeowner. There is less of a chance that a person will get lost in the shuffle when it comes to a mortgage broker when compared to working directly with a lender or banker. 

Motivated to Find the Best Deal

Finally, one of the most important reasons to use a mortgage broker centers on the fact that they are motivated to provide customers with the best deal. If they can't provide a loan that a family can live with, they don't get paid. In order to help the customer and ensure that the loan works out, a broker keeps an eye on the process.

Dane Smith has been presenting financial solutions to readers for the past 10 years. He strives to take financial advice from mortgage brokers and turn it into clear and understandable steps that any potential homeowner can use.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home Loans Possible With the Right Company

Heritage Home Loans has been one of the most successful and reputable home loans companies in the wake of the housing and banking crises of the past few years. With the continued volatility that the federal spending cuts are sure to bring, getting a home loan will continue to be difficult for people without the right connections. 

However, Heritage Home Loans has built up a reputation for helping people precisely when they need it most. With programs for all would be homebuyers in all kinds of financial situations, Heritage Home Loans can easily create financial leverage for a first time homebuyer without much credit or an underwater homeowner who needs to refinance. 

The customer service of the company is also without compare within the industry. Customers of Heritage Home Loans tend to remain loyal because of the human connection that they receive from the company, which has a policy to help any customer who is in need of assistance before simply delegating their account to the foreclosure pile. 

If you are looking for a home loan company that has your best interests at heart, then you owe it to yourself to try the experts at Heritage Home Loan. They will be sure to have both the financing and the answers that you need in order to progress forward in your endeavors.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finding a Mortgage Refinance Advisor

Finance (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

A mortgage refinance advisor is known by several names. In some places, the said profession is also called as mortgage broker or mortgage loan officer. When finding a mortgage refinance advisor, you can use the internet to make the search much easier.

The rates charged by an advisor may vary greatly, so it is highly advised that you shop around. Interest fees and closing costs can affect the price that you have to pay for professional services. However, if you’re dealing with head injury claims, or perhaps you want to purchase a new car and repair some areas of your house, you will need all the money you can get. The best refinance advisor can help you get through and solve your problems right away.

Steps to Follow

When finding a mortgage refinance advisor, there are important considerations. You can follow the steps below to find the best in the industry:

  • Use the internet to locate a local refinance advisor that lives within driving distance. By doing so, you can easily schedule for an appointment and meet with the mortgage refinance advisor.
  • You have to pick one whom you’re comfortable with. You can create a list of recommendations and references. From there, you can check their credentials. You can even conduct a background check since that is very easy these days.
  • Make comparisons especially in terms of fees and charges. The lowest or highest rates do not necessarily mean that you’ve found the best deal. You have to make sure that you’re getting the best services at the most reasonable rate.
  • Make sure that you settle all your financial obligations on time to avoid problems. Refinancing should only be considered when there is a dire need for it.

As long as you follow these steps you can never go wrong. You will find a professional you can trust and one that will be able to help you obtain refinancing.

It is best to choose at least four refinance advisors. They will assess your current situation and determine the best solution to your financial problems. Whether you have good or average credit, you can easily obtain refinancing if you have a knowledgeable advisor to help you out.

Some things are better left to professionals especially if it concerns finances. Many people are going through rough times these days. Refinancing with cash is possible or you can also refinance the home or property at a lower rate. Either way, you can address your financial issues.

If this is your first time to consider refinancing and you don’t know the process, a mortgage refinance advisor is all you need to back up your efforts in making the most out of your financial situation.

Why don’t you ask for references from friends or colleagues that may have used the services of a mortgage refinance advisor in the past? These people can help you out. If you are unable to get references, you can always shop around online. Don’t pick the first professional that you find, be sure to look around and compare.

Author Bio:  Barlow Robbins is one of the larger law firms in the South East region with a thriving portfolio of private and commercial clients. We provide a full range of legal services to clients ranging from Commercial Property Contracts, Corporate Tax, Dispute resolution, Insolvency, Mergers & Acquisitions, Notary Public, Family Law, Head injury claim and Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mortgage Loans Rates: What You Need to Know

mortgage document
mortgage document (Photo credit: TheTruthAbout)
Nowadays, the US home owner market is recovering from its depression 3-4 years ago when home buying was at record lows and people’s mortgages were getting foreclosed because of the terrible shape the economy was in. To help give the economy a boost, the Federal Reserve has been buying mortgage bonds and offering attractive mortgage rates to people in the market for buying a home. Throughout last year, the mortgage rates stayed below 4% and were as low as 2.6% in some cases. Of course, every state and location in the country has different mortgage rates, so you should look to see what the rates are like in your intended location. However, although the economy is on the mend, the home market is still in a good situation for buyers because mortgage rates continue to be low. 

However, before you rush out to buy that dream home you think you can afford now, there are a few more things you should know about mortgage rates. Your mortgage rate never comes without strings, so knowing about the fine print is important before you make any commitment. All across the country, several home owners suffered from foreclosures due to being unable to pay off their mortgages, so you need to make sure that you get a mortgage rate that your income and financial position can sufficiently pay. 

In general, the longer your lease, the higher your mortgage rates. The average 30 year loan has a mortgage rate of 3.32% right now. The 15 year loan has significantly lower mortgage rates. However, shorter loan terms mean higher recurring loan payments, so you have to see whether your wallet can afford that. You may get a better mortgage rate, but making a larger payment may not be possible for you. The other important thing to consider with a mortgage rate is the down payment involved. The best mortgage rates usually come with the highest down payment, so the amount of hard cash you have in the bank right now could be an issue. You could get a great mortgage rate if you can make a large down payment, but that is not possible for every person in the market for a house. 

If your down payment falls below a certain percentage of the total loan amount (usually 20%), you can also get slapped with a private mortgage insurance, which is basically an addition to the interest rate you are already getting. This will jack up your overall mortgage rate because you are viewed as a risky borrower by the bank if you cannot make the minimum down payment. 

Compared to 1984, when mortgage rates were on the order of 14%, today’s rates of 3 to 4% may seem incredibly tempting to many people looking to buy a home. This may well be the time for you to purchase your dream house, but make sure that your down payment and mortgage rates are friendly to your wallet over the years. Make sure to take in account any unexpected expenses that you may be faced with over the years and leave yourself with enough savings for a rainy day. 

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