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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Savvy Tips For Pensioners Looking To Save Money This Winter

When we reach our twilight years we expect to be treated with respect and compassion, yet the British government is coming down on pensioners like a ton of bricks at the moment in the hope of finding a way to offer them less money without having to deal with a mass revolt. 

They’ve already raised the retirement age to 67 (rising even further to 68 in a couple of years) and now they’re talking about sliding it all the way up the scale to 70.

Pensioners Looking To Save Money

This is truly tragic, and so it should be unsurprising to see so many campaign groups protesting the changes in London of the last few months.

The worst thing about this increase in retirement age is that almost 50% of people who smoke die before they reach 70, meaning it’s basically condemned the vast majority of smokers to a life of labour without even the slightest chance of being able to see the end of their working days. 

Personally, I find these changes completely disgusting, which is why I’ve decided to write an article about some ace money saving tips guaranteed to help pensioners (and all old people) this winter. 

I might not be able to change the governments infectious decisions, but I’m confident I can treat the symptoms.

Opt For Free Eye Tests

Although a lot of pensioners and old people in the UK still choose to pay for their eye tests and prescriptions, there really is no need for this. 

Sure, the NHS glasses probably look a little less appealing than the designer brands available, but as everyone over the age of 60 is legally entitled to free tests and prescriptions, I’d advise you to take full advantage. This could free up more cash to pay for your rising heating and fuel costs.

Always Use Vouchers

When you open up a newspaper and see coupons or even when you visit specialist website and find discount codes, it’s of paramount importance that you print them off / cut them out and use them. 

This is guaranteed to save you lots of money in the long run that perhaps could be better spent taking the grandchildren out for the day or something similar. I really can’t stress enough how significant savings can be when utilising this technique.

Ask For A Water Meter

Unlike their electricity counterparts, water meters often result in people having lower bills, especially if they tend to take showers rather than baths. 

Most elderly UK residents spend their days visiting friends or sitting the local cafe anyway, so the amount of water being used is usually minimal. You never know; this could free up more than a few hundred pounds this winter.

So guys, now you’ve had time to read through my suggestions I sincerely hope you’ll manage to save enough cash to keep yourselves comfortable as we move into the cold months. 

Just remember that your heating is the most important expense on which you should not try to cut back. We all hear too many horror stories at this time of year about people who couldn’t pay the bills on time, so make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Have a lovely Christmas folks!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A True Story Reveals Legal Assistance against Hip Injury from Can-can Dance

In a recent interview, Strictly Star Craig Revel Horwood has blamed “all those years of can-cans and dropping in the splits” for his recent need for a hip replacement. He explained further that just like any sports injury, the rigors of ballet training can be very detrimental to the body.

We Aren’t All Dancers

It’s not just dancers and sportsmen that suffer with their joints. There are many physically demanding jobs that take their toll on our bodies. Any job that puts repetitive strain on your joints will inevitably cause problems at some point in your life. Ironically, those that care for us, the nurses and carers, often have problems with their backs or joints from the years of bending and lifting connected with their job. 

Thankfully, most employers put in place codes of practice to make sure that their workforce remains healthy. Even with the most robust precautions it is inevitable that some jobs will cause wear and tear on your body.

Hip Replacement – a New Lease of Life

Those of us that use the NHS usually have to wait to have a hip replacement operation. The government states that no one should wait more than six months. In fact, the vast majority of hip replacements are performed in less than five months. In the time up to the operation you will experience quite some discomfort. You may well favor your other leg to avoid the pain. 

This can lead to other aches and pains as your body is not moving properly. Sometimes the muscles in your ‘bad’ leg will start to diminish and this will require further physiotherapy after your operation. However, for all the problems before your operation, you will soon be up and about with your new hip. 

All you ‘Strictly’ fans will have seen Craig Revel Horwood back on the show within a couple of days of the operation, albeit with a spangled crutch and adapted sparkly chair and cushion.

What if it Goes Wrong?

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has already suggested that the NHS should not use any hip implants with a failure rate higher than 5% within five years. This includes most types of metal-on-metal implants which have raised fears that they can leak toxic metal. One device, the DePuy ASR, has drawn the most publicity. 

The manufacturers have withdrawn the device but only after failure rates of 13% within five years had been reported. Almost a quarter of cases within that period had to have corrective surgery.

How Will I Know?

Firstly, if you have a metal-on-metal implant, you should attend regular check-ups. Should you have any changes in your general well-being you should see your doctor.

Some of the symptoms are quite obvious:
  • Problems walking or a limp
  • Pain in the hip, leg or groin
  • Swelling around the hip joint
Other symptoms that may be because your device is failing are:
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness or numbness
  • Changes in vision or hearing
  • Weight gain
  • Feeling cold
If you experience any of these symptoms you should see your doctor.

What Else Can I Do?

If there is a problem with your hip replacement your doctor will be able to tell you what treatment is required. In most cases it would be corrective surgery. Even if you have no symptoms but your doctor has contacted you about possible problems with your metal-on-metal implant you should still seek legal advice. Compensation is available for those people who are suffering unnecessarily due to defective hip replacements. Contact Thompsons expert solicitors for advice on a no-win, no-fee claim.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is Private Healthcare Insurance a Good Buy for UK Over 50s?

People living in the UK are entitled to free healthcare from the National Health Service (NHS). This might sound like a great deal, but unfortunately it does have its downsides - most notably, long waiting times if you need any kind of procedure and standards of care that are entirely dependent on where you live. Because of the healthcare lottery, many seniors choose to buy private healthcare insurance policies to enable them to boost their existing NHS healthcare. But are private healthcare insurance policies a good buy for the over 50s, or are you throwing your money away for no good reason? 

How Do Private Healthcare Insurance Policies Work?

Private healthcare insurance is just like any other insurance policy. You pay a monthly premium that entitles you to receive a wide range of medical treatments, including consultations, physiotherapy, medical care in your own home, and surgical procedures in a private hospital. The main thing private healthcare does not cover is treatment in the event of an accident or emergency, and if this type of event occurs, you would need to be treated in an A&E department of an NHS hospital. 

What Are The Advantages Of Private Healthcare Insurance?

One of the main advantages of private healthcare insurance is that you do not need to wait an interminable amount of time to see a consultant or receive treatment for a medical condition. Instead you can make an appointment at a time to suit you and if you require a hospital stay, you can enjoy private, comfortable facilities and one to one nursing care. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Private Healthcare Insurance For The Over 50s?

Since insurance companies price their products based on the level of risk to them, medical insurance for the older generation is inevitably a lot more expensive than policies aimed at 20 year olds. The older we get, the more likely we are to suffer from health problems and, unfortunately, the more likely it is that these health problems are serious. So the older you are and the more pre-existing medical problems you have, the more likely you are to be charged a small fortune for private healthcare insurance. 

What Are The Options For Private Healthcare Insurance?

There are different levels of private healthcare insurance and several different insurance companies who specialise in the over 50s, so if you are considering buying a private healthcare insurance policy, it is worth spending some time researching the pros and cons of each available policy. 

Is Private Healthcare Insurance Worth The Premium?

This very much depends on whether you want the peace of mind of knowing you don’t have to run the gauntlet of NHS healthcare. Even if you are a healthy 50 year old with no history of illness, insurance companies will still view you as a high risk applicant, so your premiums will be costly. However, if you have are worried about waiting times for non-urgent conditions, the cost may be worth it. Just bear in mind that any pre-existing conditions must be declared at the outset and will not be covered by the policy.

Janet writes for a number of blogs aimed at seniors. She decided to buy private healthcare insurance after her sister was diagnosed with hearing problems and needed help from In the last two years, it has been money well spent and she doesn’t regret the cost.

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