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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What Can You Do if Your Parents' Nursing Home Is Failing Them?

Nursing homes are supposed to provide an adequate standard of care for elderly, sometimes ailing people who need their support. A safe environment with nutritious food, social activities, and grooming assistance is expected by all nursing home families for their loved ones. But if you suspect your parent is not receiving essential care and support, here are some options to explore.

Talk to Other Families

During your nursing home visits to see your loved one or participate in shared activities, you may get to know other families with parents who are residents at the facility. 

As you get acquainted, you might be able to discuss the care your parent is receiving to see if it is similar to that which other residents receive. This will give you an indication as to whether your loved one is receiving standard care that meets their daily needs. 

If you don't know anyone at the nursing home where your loved one is, reach out to friends or acquaintances who have family members in other facilities to compare your experiences.

Contact the Nursing Home Administrators

Schedule a meeting with the shift supervisors, the social worker, or the Director of Nursing to discuss your concerns. Specifically, ask for the person who oversees the aspect of your parent's care that is raising questions or causing problems. 

Consider taking another family member with you, so both of you can express your concerns. Take notes in careful detail for future reference if needed.

Consult Your Parent's Doctor

If the nursing home care seems substandard or your loved one's health is declining as a possible result of the care provided poorly or not at all by the nursing home staff, ask the doctor to evaluate your parent for possible causes of the deteriorating condition. 

Doctors can work directly with nursing home staff to change the patient's orders and care for better results. You also may be advised to move your parent to a facility that can better serve their needs.

Get Legal Advice

If problems persist, contact a nursing home neglect lawyer to see what can be done. The attorney can explain current laws and statutes as well as your parent's rights and responsibilities as a nursing home resident. 

Find out what your options are in terms of getting effective care for your parent or pursuing compensation for injuries or neglect suffered by your parent at the nursing home.

Overseeing a parent's care in a nursing home requires general oversight and attention to changes in his or her condition. Be vigilant to ensure your loved one is receiving adequate care, and don't hesitate to contact the appropriate individuals if you notice a problem.

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