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Monday, October 16, 2017

6 Renovation Tips to Increase Your Property's Value

Since you have decided to sell, you may want to work out how you can get the most out of your old house. There are improvements you can make for a relatively small amount of money which is bound to prove to be a good investment. 

 Some you can do yourself, others are better done by a professional. Since you are doing them to increase the value, you want them done properly. Here are the alterations you can make and not go wrong.

Work on the curb appeal

Start at the front and leave a good impression. Decorate your porch and the entrance to your house. If need be, replace the front door as it is an invitation into your home. Keep your lawn tidy and do a bit of gardening and landscaping. 

Repair the path leading to your home, you do not want potential buyers to come across any obstacles on their way in. Another thing people tend to notice when approaching is whether you have a garage or not and how big it is.

Keep your conscience clean

Instead of hiding the flaws of your house, try fixing them. Inspect the entire house for little cracks, wobbly floorboards, and steps. These types of problems are usually easy and inexpensive to repair. 

Make sure everything is done prior to painting so you don’t have to redo the paint or even worse, leave something unfinished. The market does not have a rule in pricing related to these issues but this is a way to improve your buyer’s mood and opinion about the house.

Repaint the house

Depending on your budget, work out what parts of your house you can afford to repaint. Preferably it would be good to give it both, a fresh exterior and a fresh interior. If that is too much, make sure to at least repaint those rooms that needed plastering due to cracks, kitchen and bathroom if there is mold. 

I am not sure what your usual choice is, but this time choose neutral colors as you want the house to be liked by most people or at least neutral enough for them to be able to picture their things in the house. A new façade will add to the curb appeal.

Fix the fixtures

Again, this is an easy and moderately inexpensive trick. Fix or even better replace all fittings and fixtures in the house or at least the ones which are visibly run-down. Replace the sockets and light switches. 

If it is possible, install additional power sockets in rooms as people like when there are plenty. Replace doorknobs and you will provide that extra shine to your doors.

Adapt for special needs

Make your house a rare find. Not every house out there is suited for a family with members who have special needs. You can add a ramp and handrails to your front entrance. 

Level all doorsteps and have doors wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through. If possible, have a ground floor bathroom with a walk-in shower and at least one bedroom on the same level. 

The bathroom and the bedroom can be used by people who need home care, people with disabilities or elderly. Make sure that the bathroom is equipped with grab bars and anti-slip stickers.

Understand importance of kitchens and bathrooms

The more bathrooms you have, the better. Adding another bathroom may be a great expense so try to upscale the one or the ones you have. 

Again, replace all the fixtures and faucets. You want to remove traces of rust, lime scale and mold. Make sure that new fixtures match the bathroom tiles in style. If it is a really old bathroom, you can perhaps fix it up to look sparkly and vintage. 

The same goes for the kitchen, replace the sink and the faucets so everything looks shiny and new. You can repaint the cabinets and cupboards. Try to make it as spacious as possible.

Apart from the last bit of renovation, none of the things above should cost you much but will definitely leave a great impression and boost your house’s value. The only question is whether you will still want to sell after seeing the house in such a pristine state.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Home Renovations: How to Save Money on Remodeling Your House

Decorating a home doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. Many people take to expensive renovations. However, renovations can prove costly without knowing where to get good deals. By knowing where to look and knowing how to budget you can save tons of money on your remodeling needs.

Stick to a Budget

The first thing you want to do is determine what you want to accomplish for your home remodel. After you have determined what you want to do and where you want to start is to research the costs of each project that you have in mind. Some projects will be more expensive than others. 

Have a budget in mind and stick to it. This will not only help you save money, but it will also help you not to take on too many remodeling projects at the same time. You might even consider taking on one project at a time to make sure that you stay within the boundaries of the budget that you set.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores present a wonderful way to secure nice items for amazingly reduced prices. Some items can be a few decades old; however, in well-to-do areas, some items may only be a few months old. Those who live in affluent areas are more prone to change the décor in their homes more often. Some items are discarded because they can’t be returned and they are not needed in the home. 

In addition, there are certain nostalgic items that can be found. In the instance a homeowner wishes to do their kitchen in an Americana theme, finding hard-to-get items like Norman Rockwell plates for a lesser price make it possible. Other items may include Coca-Cola décor. In addition, people find authentic pieces as opposed to something that is mass produced, which lends to a customized approach of renovations. 


Repurposing items costs a fraction of the price it would cost to buy a brand new piece. Repurposing items involves taking old items and making modifications to create new uses for these items. People can get lost in trying to make new uses out of things. “Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention” so it’s not surprising that when people think of a need that they discover how to meet this need. 

For instance, let’s say a baby has become a toddler, and a changing table is no longer needed. However, the parent needs an entertainment center. By making a few modifications, the changing table can be made into an entertainment center. 

Where to Shop

There are various companies that seek out to build homes for the less fortunate. At times, there is a surplus of items from what wasn’t used. When this occurs, they are available to the public for a drastically reduced price. Some stores carry chainsaws, putty, paint, door, blinds and many other household items, such as pottery or paintings, for a reduced price. 

Another route to explore is through Alair Homes as they provide a customized approach at creating a budget according to customer needs. For example, those seeking major renovations in Victoria can set up an appointment with Alair Homes for a seven-step process that involves everything between consultation and construction.

There are endless ways to get things accomplished in the home. Beyond what’s mentioned above, secure coupons. For people who are moving or who have recently moved, there are moving packets available at the post office and other places that have hardware store coupons. 

People can expect to save as much as 15 percent off their total purchase. Simply explore what’s available by going an unconventional route.

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