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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Have Junk Around? 4 Ways to Make Money From It

Like most people, you probably have some junk sitting around the house and garage, but you're not quite sure what to do with it. Did you know that you can not only have someone else remove it, but they will also pay you for your junk? Here are some of the popularly used items that shoppers are looking to buy.


College students are always looking for used furniture for their dorm rooms or a private study area at home. They prefer buying second-hand tables, desks, chairs, and sofas that don't cost as much as new ones, since they are on a tight budget. 

Antique fans like to buy older furniture and refinish it for a retro look in their home. Some people buy used items, refinish them, and sell them for a profit online. Make sure your used furniture is clean and basically usable before offering it for sale.


Children's clothes are often in demand, as kids grow rapidly from one size to the next. Baby clothing and blankets, children's play clothes and school uniforms, and dress-up outfits for holidays and church or special celebrations can sell very quickly at a garage sale or online at eBay and similar companies. 

Wash the clothes, sew on missing buttons if you have time, and fold them neatly to attract buyer interest. Label the sizes if possible.


Classic dolls, model cars, and action figures from previous generations are selling like hotcakes today. Some wildly popular toys like Barbie or Tinker Toys can fetch surprising amounts online from buyers to add to their collections. 

If you have the original packaging in good condition, the price can go even higher. Make sure the pieces are all there for kits, and everything should be clean and in good condition. Even at a yard sale, toys are one of the first types of merchandise to go.


Check your garage for bicycles, motorcycles, or a second family car that no one is driving. You can earn money for junk cars, from places such as A1 Towing & Cash For Junk Cars, that don't even run or are missing parts. 

In fact, you can sell just the parts if a vehicle is not operable or complete. Clean up whatever you have on wheels to sell, and ask a fair price to have someone remove it from your garage.

Getting rid of junk is not only fun and a huge relief, but it can also be profitable. Comb through your unwanted possessions to sell things that others will find valuable.

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