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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Role of Solicitor in Quick Property Sales

Selling a property is a very simple process nowadays. The use of internet has made the process very quick. All that a seller needs to do is list his property on some site and the buyers will visit poster’s website to check his property, and the rest follows from there. In such quick and simple steps of selling property, solicitors or conveyancers have a very important role to play. 

Role of the Solicitor:

A solicitor can help in understanding the property reports and market data, to determine the price of the property. Although this is the job of an agent, but, most people who choose to opt for quick property sale options online, do not like to hire an agent. Such people may be unable to compare the market data. But the real work of the solicitor starts once a negotiation has been done between the buyer and the seller. 

Once they have had an oral agreement, it is then time to set it all in writing. For the conveyancing process to begin, the solicitor of both the parties needs to be informed. The seller’s solicitor obtains the title deeds and all necessary documents from the seller, or the mortgage company if the situation so requires. Once that is done, the exchange of contract is the next step. 

In case the person is selling and buying a property at the same time, the solicitor has to make sure that the exchanges of contracts take place at the same time. The solicitor is responsible for drawing up the contracts and all legal documents, and the authentication of all papers. Once the deposit amount is paid to the seller at the time of exchange of contracts, the date within which the completion of the entire process of sale is to be completed is decided by the parties via their solicitors. 

To complete the process, the remaining amount is to be paid, and stamp duty that is due to the Inland Revenue is to be sent, for the transfer of the key. The solicitor can then register this sale at the Land Registry to complete the process. 

Finding the right solicitor:

In order for the smooth and successful completion of the process of sale of a property, it is important to find the right solicitor. Not all solicitors have the expertise in matters of real estate, and that should be kept I mind. It is best to avoid the solicitor suggested by the agent, if any, as the agent will possibly suggest someone with a general skill and no special expertise in respect to property related matters, and may even look for his own commission from the solicitor, which will naturally lead to a high fee to the solicitor. 

It is a good idea to go down personally to pay visits to law forms and talk to them in this regard. It is best to visit at least three firms to get a fair idea about the whole situation. There are particular firms that concentrate only on the providing conveyancing solicitors. Sometimes, solicitors may charge very high for their service. The average fee for the general services of a conveyancing solicitor should be around 500 pounds, with the Value Added Tax included in this amount. This may vary by a little. 

However, additional cost is charged based on the extra services provided by the solicitor. It is important to understand the services of a solicitor and the services being provided, to understand whether the fee being charged is appropriate or not.

While the process of selling property is a fairly simple one where buyers visit poster’s website and proceed with the process of buying the property, conveyancing solicitors are very important in the process of completion of quick property sales. But, it is important to do some background research before hiring a solicitor.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cost Effective Legal Advice for Families

Whether you are dealing with the breakdown of a relationship and would like to make sure that your children and yourself are well provided for in the future or you would like to make a cohabitation agreement with your partner to ensure that shared property does not become an issue in the future, there are solicitors around the country that can help to resolve your legal problems. However, not all of them charge the same or provide the same level of service when it comes to family law so it is a good idea to take your time and to shop around before hiring a solicitor to represent your interests. 

The following points may help you to get the most for your money when hiring a legal professional who specialises in the law as it pertains to families.

  • Insist on an initial consultation, either by phone or in person, before making any financial commitment to the process. Any solicitor that is worth doing business with will be more than happy to offer basic advice on your case before they start charging for their time. If you come across a firm that is not willing to do so, simply move on to the next one in your shortlist. The world of legal advice is a competitive one and there is no point in wasting time on companies that are unwilling to recognise this fact and adjust their business model accordingly.
  • Only deal with solicitors and legal firms that are members of Resolution. Resolution is an organisation of 6,500 family legal professionals and their membership is committed to helping clients resolve family legal disputes in a non-confrontational manner. This makes member firms and individuals a good choice for people who wish to keep their legal costs to a minimum as they can rely on these legal professionals to help them avoid costly court appearances whenever possible.
  • Pick a firm that offers a comprehensive range of services. If you deal with a company that can handle all of your legal problems, it will make it much easier to keep a close eye on your overall costs and ensure that they do not start to get out of control. Firms such as GT Stewart Solicitors, which deal with divorce, domestic abuse, child custody and many other aspects of family law, are able to look after all the needs of people who wish to extricate themselves from a failing relationship and can provide a single point of contact that makes life simpler for those who already have plenty to deal with on a daily basis.
  • Choose an organisation that is happy to accept publicly funded clients. If a firm of solicitors does not declare its willingness to deal with people in receipt of legal aid and its commitment to providing them with the same levels of service as privately funded clients, they may not be your best choice. Some firms are keener than others to help people that need their assistance but cannot pay for it themselves and in my experience, the ones that really want to will advertise this fact on their website and in their promotional literature.
  • Following on from the above point, always take the time to find out what, if any, legal aid you are entitled to before you hire a solicitor. There are plenty of advice bureaus across the country staffed by volunteers who can help you to discover exactly what you are entitled to so it will not cost any money to establish your position. To check if you can get legal aid, you can complete an online questionnaire that will give you a good idea of your chances of receiving financial help. Any help that you can get will of course reduce your costs so be sure to investigate your options fully before you start any legal proceedings.

The reasons that people need to consult with lawyers who specialise in family law are not usually happy ones but it would be foolish to make a bad situation worse by failing to exercise due diligence when choosing a legal representative. Make sure that you get value for money by being selective about the types of firms and individual solicitors that you are prepared to hire.

About the Author:

GT Stewart in London is a law firm that provides legal advice and representation for various cases. Know how to arrange for GT Stewart solicitors by visiting

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting Legal Assistance for Driving Offences: The Costs and Benefits

Court Guard and Immigration Police
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If you have been charged by the police for allegedly breaking the law behind the wheel, you will have every right to dispute any fine or punishment which is dealt out. To do this properly, you will need to enlist the assistance of a qualified lawyer who knows traffic offences like the back of their hand. Of course, the penalties will have to be high enough for the legal fees to be worthwhile. If you have been charged with a ludicrous amount, here are a few ways in which you can save money and benefit by actually hiring an experienced solicitor. 

Initial Advice Free of Charge

The best legal firms will offer their first consultation for free anyway, meaning that you really have no excuse not to find out what they can do for you. If there is a good chance of you disputing any traffic offence you have been charged with, your chosen solicitors will give you the lowdown. They should also let you know whether it is worth it to fight that specific monetary penalty given the legal fees as well as the time and effort involved. 

Reports and Studies for Support

Another benefit of hiring a lawyer to assist here is that they can supply you with a whole range of research which can strengthen your case. Instead of going to court on your own, you can bring along a legal advisor who has done the appropriate studies, including the following: 

  • Reconstruction reports that go over the events that took place 
  • Road sign placement tests which examine whether this was to blame 
  • Alcohol/drug analysis that determines whether the tests were done properly 

As you can see, the best lawyers will tackle this issue from several angles. By taking the time to hire some truly experienced driving offence solicitors, you can back yourself up well during the trial, giving yourself a better chance of actually winning your case. All of this added information would be impossible for you to compile and collect on your own. 

Financial Matters

Of course, there is always the cost to think about when hiring a lawyer specialising in traffic offences. Fortunately, this is not something that you will need to worry about too much. This is because the top legal firms will let you know exactly what the charges are from the beginning. Some will even offer additional assistance such as “no win no fees” policies. Alternatively, they will seek out compensation from the courts if you are finally acquitted in the end. 

Thus, the monetary aspect will be handled properly at each stage of fighting your case. After the free initial consultation, you will know exactly how much your legal fees will cost and can then budget accordingly. Of course, the total amount will have to be less than the fine you have been charged with. It should also be low enough so that the time and effort spent in court will be worthwhile once the case is finally wrapped up. \

More Pros than Cons

As you can see, there is plenty of reason to hire a solicitor to contest your driving offenses as long as you plan properly beforehand. By taking your time out to find a lawyer who really knows this topic and who will not charge you a fortune, you can then gain a host of legal benefits as a result. Whether you have been charged with drunk driving or speeding, the right advice and assistance can help get you through these legal hurdles and hopefully win your case without having to spend a fortune in fees to accomplish this. 

About the Author
Cunninghams Solicitors Ltd are driving offence solicitors, offering range of services for defence work for appearances at police stations and magistrates courts.

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