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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

What Happens When You Fail a Tax Audit?

A tax audit is a thorough examination of your taxable income and deductions by tax attorneys to verify that your tax records are accurate. 

Detection of tax errors in your tax reports could result in heavy penalties, including imprisonment. The following are some of the things that happen whenever you fail a tax audit.

The IRS Issues You With a Written Notification

Once the tax attorneys discover that you have failed in your tax audit, they issue you with a written report informing you of the tax audit findings. 

The tax attorneys normally send their findings to you within thirty days and allow you to fill in for any appeal. The audit report usually highlights the amount that you owe and the reason why you are guilty.

Assessing the Audit Report

As soon as you receive the tax audit report, the tax attorneys expect you to analyze it and send your opinion feedback. If you determine that you are guilty, you can pay the amount you owe and terminate the case. Tax auditors assume that you plead guilty to tax offenses whenever you fail to respond to the notification.

Court Appeal

The court process begins as soon as you fail to respond to IRS notification where you are assumed to be guilty. At this stage, you are allowed to present your case and defend yourself from the litigation process. 

After this, the court of law could determine that you are guilty and you have committed a tax offense. The court judge will give you reasons as to why you are guilty and charge you accordingly.

Jail Imprisonment

The court can imprison you for a term of about one year whenever they discover that you intentionally failed to file your tax returns. You are also subject to spending five years in prison whenever the court determines that you engaged in tax evasion during a specific time.

Hefty Court Fines

You can also be fined heavily in a year for every additional tax return you do not file. The court will add another fine whenever the tax attorney establishes that you filed fraudulent tax returns.

Failing in your tax audits is a severe offense that will result in hefty fines and imprisonment. It is crucial that you file your returns on time and reveal the correct information. You can appeal against the penalties imposed by the IRS in case you fail a tax audit.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

4 Things to Keep in Mind if Your Personal Taxes Are Audited

Few terms are more dreaded than that of an audit. The ultimate boogeyman of tax season, only about .5 percent of all taxes get audited every year. If your personal taxes do get audited, though, it's good to keep a few basic facts in mind.

More than One Type of Audit

While most people refer to audits as if they're a single type of process, the truth is that there are three types of audits. The most common, the mail audit, usually just requires you to mail more paperwork to the IRS. 

The next, the in-office audit, will require you to go to an IRS office to meet with an auditor so that he or she can go over your returns in person. The final, the field audit, is incredibly in-depth and also quite unlikely to happen when dealing with an individual's taxes.

An Audit Doesn't Mean Punishment

Though an audit certainly sounds scary, it's not a punishment. Audits occur for many reasons but getting audited doesn't automatically mean that you've done something wrong. 

There might have been a big income change from year to year that's sent up a flag at the IRS or you might just have the kind of complicated taxes that bear more investigation It's entirely possible to walk away from an audit without having to pay extra money or suffer any other sort of penalties.

Take it Seriously

Though it is not necessary to panic just because you are being audited, you must take the process seriously. Mail from the IRS absolutely cannot be ignored and you should comply with any requests from the agency as expediently as possible. 

If you are having an issue gathering paperwork or you run into some other problem, you should communicate with your IRS contact as quickly as you can so that they know that you're still doing your best to comply.

Work with Professionals

Finally, it's vital to work with professionals like those at Harris Shelton Hanover Walsh PLLC and other offices. These individuals have not only been through the process of audits before, but they're experts at helping you to navigate through any difficulties that you might encounter along the way. 

Working with a seasoned tax professional is not only the best way to make sure that you don't have to worry about being audited, but also to make it through an audit unscathed.

Don't panic if you get audited. Make sure that you get professional help and that you comply with any orders from the IRS. This may be the first step in a long process so be prepared for a longer journey than you might expect.

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