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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Trade Show Wars: Making an Unbelievably Effective Booth for Cheap

When it’s time to take your product out into the wide open world of trade shows, you have many things to consider in order to be successful. A lot of people focus exclusively on the product itself and, while absolutely essential, it is not by any stretch of the imagination all that you need to consider when getting your ducks in a row for having a successful trade show. You need your product to be great, but you also need your marketing and your image to be honed and expert. Don’t let your product fall by the way side to inferior competitors simply because you didn’t know to spend time and effort and even money on presentation. Presentation is so key, so take some of these tips before heading to the trade show.

First of all, you do not want to scrimp and save on the marketing materials and the booth’s appearance itself. That said, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look presentable and professional. For example, there is a trade show pop up display available at The Display Outlet that is not only affordable, but high quality and professional. These displays are also extremely easy to port around, and are reusable. So this one time cost is going to pay for itself for many months, years, and trade shows to come. The importance of a pop up display cannot be underestimated. You appear like you know what you’re doing, and the appearance of confidence and savvy is more important than actual confidence and savvy. In fact, that’s all confidence is: appearing confident, whether you are in your brain or not! 

Another seemingly no brainer type idea that many over look and has to do with presentation is taking care to find the right person to be behind the booth. It’s too bad, we can argue about that if we want, but having an attractive female behind the booth simply works. Men and women alike will be more inclined to approach a both of an attractive and smiling woman is there ready to talk to. Men will of course feel the carnal draw, and women will feel the safety of talking to another woman instead of a man who feels that carnal draw. Of course she has to be knowledgeable about the product as well, so hiring someone like this to be a part of your team is a crucial idea. Sure, it’s too bad that this is still the case in 2014, but to be stubborn and think that we are in different times so this shouldn’t be so is only going to hurt your business. Don’t let your personal wishes about how society should be affect your bottom line.

You also would be wise to have something small that customers can take away with them. Something more than a business card is idea. A little bottle opener or a light for the key chain, emblazoned with your company logo and website is all you need. Some little souvenir of visiting your booth and reminding them later about you is crucial. If you want to get more creative and make some more off the beaten path type of giveaway, go for it. The more creative, the better.

Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Marketing Tactics Your Business Hasn't Utilized

When your business wants to stand out, having a unique marketing strategy can help. Appealing to your niche of customers in untapped forums is essential for selling more products and services. By thinking outside of the box and using promotional products to enhance your business's image, you can connect with a large audience of customers. Here are some marketing tactics that any business can consider to improve the way that it connects with customers on a daily basis.

1. Give out promotional products at trade shows.

Trade shows are an excellent way to promote a business because they attract a targeted audience who may become clients because they’re interested in what you have to offer. Clients will typically go to trade shows to learn more about a business's products before they make the leap into investing in its products. By handing out promotional products with your contact information at trade shows, a business can distinguish itself from the hundreds of other businesses featured at trade shows and encourage prospects to hold onto their “business cards.”

2. Use Pinterest to host promotions.

Pinterest has already taken the business world by storm as a new social media marketing tool, but few businesses are using it apart from placing images of products online. A business can use Pinterest to actually host promotions and give away promotional products. Using Pinterest in this way can cause a spiral effect amongst customers and encourage them to also re-pin images for a business.

3. Host a Twitter feed contest.

Any business should also try hosting a Twitter feed contest with promotional products. The individual who tweets the most about a business can receive promotional rally towels, pens, totes or whatever is most appropriate for your audience. There is an endless list of promotional products that a business can use as a reward for the winner of a Twitter feed contest.

4. Post updates on Facebook.

It is also important for businesses to keep in touch with customers through a forum like Facebook. Facebook gives businesses the opportunity to post news updates about the latest products that a business has to offer. Businesses can take advantage of an excellent opportunity to get to know a customer base on Facebook.

5. Sending e-mail newsletters to clients.

In an e-mail newsletter, a business can inform customers about the latest promotions being hosted by a company. Businesses can inform customers about promo items, new products, or special sales on products and services.

Any business can improve the way that it markets itself to customers. With these marketing tactics, a business can easily get in touch with clients and develop a favorable reputation in the community.

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