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Saturday, November 30, 2013

5 Traveling Tips for the Retired

We should all agree that your retirement should be planned accordingly. And most importantly, it signifies the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, therefore we must do something memorable. And what better way to celebrate your retirement than to plan a vacation and enjoy it to the fullest? We are not talking here about family vacations though, but a more daring approach: travelling alone or with a group of strangers seeking the same adrenaline. Here is a small guide for a unique traveling experience to celebrate your retirement. 

Tip#1: Helpful Online Visual Tools and Options

The first thing to do is to search for online resources and tools that can help you in planning your vacation just the way you want. From accommodation, to city tours, exhibitions and even outdoor activities according to age. Use tools such as Google Earth, Pinterest, Google Street view to get an idea about what a city or country is like, visually speaking. If you love what you see, then dare to experience it. This means applying the next tip. 

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid to Research Your Location

This means taking time to search and read reviews, be it TripAdvisor or local online travel reviews sites. The main idea is to document your travel plans in the way that you get a solid base on which you can build new experiences. Nobody says to research every small detail, you can leave space for unforeseeable great experiences, just remember that a plan needs a solid form. So do your best in creating the form, then open yourself to new, exciting things. 

Tip #3: Online Interaction Before Offline

Think of this as the new millennial approach: you have the chance to socialize with people all over the world, and most of the times, you get to socialize in the online environment. The aim is to get in touch with local communities and groups on Meet Up, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even forums. If you are a blogger, you might get the chance to find other bloggers and get in touch with them. Never start your travel plan with limitations, just be open to anything. Retirement is after all about being open to a whole new perspective and life chapter. It doesn't hurt to know someone in a city you plan traveling to, even if you travel in a group. It’s that route to escape boredom. Nothing is better than a genuine local guide, showing you the good stuff (coffee shops, pubs and bars, the local history, architecture, art, music, theater etc.). 

Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Go Tech

Age should not be a limitation of any kind. And well, being a tech grandpa for e.g. is really cool for the kids. Dare to try out the new gadgets, don’t be afraid, and always motivate yourself in staying connected to the “today” – the present. When you travel, having a gadget and traveling apps can be a life savior. At least you don’t get to stress yourself with booking and planning, yet you can stay up to date with weather, flights, transportation means, hotels, best deals, restaurants, recommendations and actually get to enjoy a great vacation or getaway. Plus, it is easier to connect with people through gadgets and actually keep in touch after you return home. Nowadays, nobody has enough time to talk for 1 hour over the phone, but instead spend 2 hours on social media platforms. 

Tip #5: Stay in Touch with People at Home

When the kids grow and become adults, build families of their own and have children of their own, they start to panic and get worried. So make sure you give them a call at least once a day and talk for at least 10 minutes, to prevent unnecessary worries and problems. And if you travel to a foreign country and worry about phone costs, then worry not. Companies all over the world offer prepaid sim cards which have the same fees applied as if you were calling from the same country. This is also the case of Aussie Sim, a company that offers prepaid cards for Australians who venture outside the country for holidays and vacations. They also suggest fancy travel vacations on their blog at

Word of advice: take as many pictures as you can. Because it is a great therapy to take a look at enjoyable happy memories. although we were discussing earlier about a daring approach, we don’t necessarily advise you to buy the first plane ticket to destination Nowhere. 

Rather, we advise you to search for group traveling options for the retired and adhere to a nice mixed group age, even if you plan your own vacation schedule. Reasons: it is fun; you get to communicate with different people; you can choose according to your preferences; you don’t have to worry, just “enjoy the ride”.

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