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Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to Use Digital Marketing for your Business

It can feel like a big challenge to use digital marketing such as social media and the internet. There are so many developments in technology every day that it might seem intimidating to even know what is out there. The professional world of business and marketing is quite different from that of technology. But we have some great guidelines and advice that will make it much easier and a definite must for you to try it out.


If you want to get lots of hits on your business website then you need search engine optimization, or SEO. Websites that are really successful are those that are found easily on search engines. You need to get your website up onto the listing in one of the first three pages that a search engine gives. If you really want to get the business flowing, then aim to be one of those sites that are in the top five listings. If you use SEO you will be discovered by new customers way quicker and much more easily. Make it your aim to get onto the first page of the results from a search engine. 

Social Media

Facebook is one of the most popular forms of social media in the world today. it has over 500 million users it is used by over one and a half million companies to advertise their services and products. Twitter is another great way to advertise. Over 30 per cent of people using Twitter follow posts from companies and brands. YouTube is also another giant in social media and you can use it to your advantage. You should have social media as a big part of your digital marketing strategy. You can build a big following and increase your number of customers easily. And best of all, most social media is free for you to advertise your business.

Current Web Content

You should keep up to date with your website content, keep it relative and go with popular trends. Customers can get a lot of information about your business and what it offers by visiting your website. Going online to a poorly constructed and uninformative website is not fun and certainly interesting enough to visit again. You want to keep your website content full of useful information and engaging content. 

Smartphones and Tablets

Tablets and smartphones are sky rocketing on the market today. these are now so commonly used for internet and social media and the numbers are expected to grow and grow. Smartphones are used for the internet for business and personal use. Tablets are commonly used for work and leisure too, and are often aimed at people for more personal use. Mobile technologies are great for digital marketing.


Use professionals in the field of digital marketing to ensure you get every opportunity out there to advertise your business. You will not need to worry about all the technical jargon and latest digital marketing techniques if you get an expert with the skills and know how to do it for you. This will save you valuable time to invest into running your business. 

Build Networks

You need to be prepared with the ongoing job of retaining your fans online. You will need to be innovative and forward thinking. Create networks and you can work together on digital marketing. This will be beneficial if your business is small and it will help you to expand at a faster rate when you network with other businesses. 

Become Known Online

A great way to become a known force online is to do something different that seperates you from the crowd. Let people know what it is that is different about your business from all the others out there. You should think about this when you are building your digital marketing campaign, what makes you different?

Moral Codes

If you are carrying out a survey or have posters or information you want to share with your clients or colleagues then email is an easy and free way to do this. But you must always remember morals and principles when you are using the internet. Do not share private information that has been given to you by email. The same moral codes apply for business online as they do face to face. Be careful about how you use information regarding your customers. It is essential that you are as upfront and honest online as you are in your business.

It’s All Out There

With the internet you can be in touch with anyone anywhere, and this is possible in a matter of seconds. You should be very aware of this when you put anything up online. If you post something on the internet, then any person in the world can see it. Be careful about giving away too much about the magic behind your business and information on how you do it all. The same is true for images, video clips, comments on social media and articles of any length. Once you hit send, then there it is, and you cannot get it back. 

Keep it Consistent

Once you have got some followers and interest online, then you need to work out ways to keep them interested in your business. You should do this while finding ways to keep your online fan base growing. Once you have a fan you need to keep them. This is not easy and a lot of businesses struggle with this. Use your forms of digital marketing cleverly, keep up to date with your online information.

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