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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

3 Belongings to Sell for Extra Cash in Your Later Years

As much as we want to hold on to every possession we’ve ever had, it’s not always the most practical. Things will pile up, and only become a burden to move as you become less able. It’s hard to part with our most prized material possessions. 

We’ve all seen the episodes of Hoarders where people have useless junk stacked up. But, for many of them, they come out much freer in the end, and sometimes even wind up with a few extra bucks in their pocket. 

If you want to free up space, and get some extra money to help you with the bills, or even just to get new stuff and freshen up your life, here are some great places to start.

The Old Pickup

While it may be nice, and it may have gotten all your stuff moved without needing to fetch a Uhaul, selling your pickup might be a good idea to get some extra money. 

If you’ve settled down in your home permanently and don’t see a move coming up, then having a pickup truck may not always be the most practical thing. 

They’re often worth a good amount more than a car of equal longevity, so if you do still want to drive, you can put that difference back into your pocket, or even get yourself something a bit newer to make sure you’re not running your main mode of transportation to the ground.

As you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a lot of questions, but thanks to the internet, you can easily answer the big one: “how much is my truck worth?” There are tons of ways you can sell though. 

You can sell to a dealership if you’re looking for that new car, you can sell to your son or any other relatives if you want to keep it in the family (and visit it during the holidays). There’s also the option of selling online. 

Sites like Craigslist are huge marketplaces for cars and trucks, but it’s not always the most reliable. specializes in buying cars in less than perfect condition though, making it much safer for the seller.

If you are in the market for that new car though, and don’t want to go through the hassle of getting low balled at the dealership, get your finances organized for car buying.

Your Old Clothes

If you’ve got any hip teenagers or twenty-somethings in your family, you’ve probably seen them wearing styles that you thought were long gone. Fringe jackets, glasses on a chain, even bell bottoms and disco shoes. 

Kids are loving all the retro styles. It’s completely on trend for them these days. As much as you probably want to break out those old pants that don’t fit anymore, just to squeeze in them and reminisce, you might be able to make some money off them instead.

There’s plenty of consignment shops you can go to, but instead of having to leave the house, and have your parting moments with your favorite pieces in public, you can learn how to sell clothes online

It’s incredibly easy and you barely have to lift a finger. Most people are just finding bargains at thrift stores and reselling them, but you’ve already got a hoard of the real deal. 

This puts you ahead of the game, a game that some people are already making a living off. So, bust open the closet, free some space, and get yourself some extra funds that can fill that closet back up with new clothes.


You may not believe it, but records made a comeback. The younger generation is once again picking up on that retro vibe, and you’ve probably got a collection that puts you at an advantage. 

They see records as more authentic way to listen to the music they love, even for modern music, that for the most part, only gets a very limited vinyl release. A lot of kids just love the old records though. 

You’ve probably got Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors lying around somewhere and you wouldn’t believe how many kids would jump at that one these days.

It’s not too hard to sell either. There are plenty of online marketplaces you can use, and Ebay wouldn’t even be a bad start. Vintage stores are always looking for this kind of thing though, and most record shops would certainly want to have that kind of product in their storefront. 

Records are more sought out than you might have expected 20 or 30 years ago, but now they’re proving to have been quite the investment.

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