Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vacation Travel Clubs Can Save You Money

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With the kids school year almost over and the vacation season around the corner, people are planning vacations. The family vacation is something we look forward to every year. But this year, even though money is in short supply, many people are still going to take that vacation so they are looking for ways to save money on their holiday. One way to save money is with a vacation travel club.

Most people are aware of vacation timeshare resorts but many have not heard of vacation travel clubs. A vacation travel club is group of business owners and corporations in the travel industry who join together to create wholesale travel packages. Many hotels, airlines, and vacation destinations use the travel clubs to offer discounts to their members.

If you have read any travel club reviews you know why they are so popular. Vacation travel clubs have many benefits that make it a good idea to join. Many clubs include several free trips per year. They offer seasonal and monthly specials to their members. There is usually a website, of the club, that offers chat rooms, forums and monthly newsletters explaining and keeping you up to date to a calendar of events. You aren't restricted to a small amount of destinations or trip options. Many clubs offer vacations to 1,000's of places. You receive discounts on car rental, hotels, airlines, and discounts on food and drink. Discounts can be up to 75% of standard vacation costs.

When you belong to a vacation travel club, you are given rewards for using the club. The more you use the clubs offers, the more free vacation rewards you receive. Keep in mind you won't receive free packages on every trip, but you will always have the deepest discounts offered to you.

Remember, before you join a vacation travel club, you should do the research and make sure they are legitimate and free form impropriety. Contact the Better Business Bureau, phone the company , and see what other vacation travel clubs members have to say about their experiences with the club.

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