Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Imperative of the New Marketing in the 21st Century Business Environment

Could marketing be new? This is a very fundamental question that readily comes to mind at the mention of the words ‘’New Marketing’’. It also logically entails that there is an old marketing. For the sake of clarification, the new marketing refers to the use of the social network in advertisement and marketing while the old marketing refers to the use of the conventional marketing media such as newspapers, magazines, bulletins, and so on. 

Due to the sophistication of the contemporary age, the social media has become the second nature of man because it seems he cannot do without it. Consumers continue to have the flair and enthusiasm over the internet, Smartphones, social media, and other online networks. This equally requires a paradigm shift in the marketing strategy of any business that wishes to survive in this 21st century world. Smart businessmen know this fact and waste no time in tapping into the opportunities.

Internet marketing:

The new marketing is basically focused on how to gain customer loyalty through the use of the social media and online sources. The new marketing attracts customers by offering useful information about the business in a more concise and precise manner using the online method. This is done with the belief that the majority of people cannot do without their social network applications. Because of the social media, the kingship of the customer (remember the popular marketing maxim that the customer is the king) is more enthroned through the social media. This is because the customer now determines the type of information he wants, how he wants it, and when to receive such information.

In the new marketing, Google and the social media become the main avenue through which your clients can find you. The clients do not need to come to the corporate office. All discussions between you and the clients about your business take place through the internet. This is the core area of the new marketing as major implication of the social media marketing. You create an account with Facebook or twitter, and people who have an interest in your products start to follow you. Offering useful information about your products is the surest way to gain their full loyalty.

Social media marketing:

In the course of the social media marketing, it is ideal to reserve some budget for promotional giveaways. This will help to get your followers and clients fascinated. Plan it in such a way that such giveaways will be given to clients and followers who participated in contests and won. This will increase the participation of the followers and clients. You will be surprised at their positive response.

When you open an online marketing site, it is advisable that you make an inclusion of other issues such as entertainment, news, education issues, sports, and other things that have the potency of fascinating readers, especially the youths. These will serve as baits in getting more clients to your site or social media page or business profile.

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