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Tips on Finding the Right International Tax Accountant

It is critical to find the correct international tax accountant who will meet your tax obligations properly, provide great tax planning and avoid tax audits. This article, written by an international tax accountant in Toronto, provides useful guidelines on finding knowledgeable and experienced international tax expert.

1. Examine Your Needs

In order to find the right tax accountant, it is important to know which country’s tax laws will need to be complied with and what kind of services you require. Do you need to hire an international tax accountant in Toronto, Canada or in a different part of the world? Do you need an accountant to simply prepare your tax returns or do you need someone that is specialized in a specific area such as self-employed individuals, small businesses, and real estate? Given that different tax accountants have expertise in different tax fields, it is crucial that you select a tax accountant who will be best suitable for you. When you are aware of the services that you require, embark on your hunt. Get hold of reliable recommendations and create a list of prospective accountants. 

2. Enquire About Their Tax Field of Expertise

When considering potential accountants, you should inquire questions in-depth. It is crucial that you spend enough time and effort in selecting a tax accountant. Find out whether the services provided by the accountant fulfill your needs and whether they have the qualifications and experience necessary to accomplish the task effectively. It is important that you hire someone who is specialized in the area you need help with and has a lot of experience working with your kind of business or individuals in similar tax situations as you

3. Verify References

In order to ensure you obtain the right professional, you should always contact the references provided by the potential accountant. Speaking with a few of the candidate’s references, such as current clients, will generally able you to determine aptness of the candidate with a high degree of precision. The time and effort put into verifying the references will be rewarding in the long run.

4. Personal Relationship with the Accountant

When taking a tax accountant into service, think about whether you are comfortable with and trust this individual as they will be working with important financial data. As well, confirm if the candidate communicates well with you and completely answers all your questions. Easy and transparent communication is a must between the accountant and client!

5. Accounting Fees

Obtain an approximate fee for the services to be provided from the remaining candidates. Compare the different quotes and choose the accountant who has the qualifications and experience to accomplish the job effectively within your set budget!

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About the Author

Allan Madan, CPA, CA, is an international tax accountant located in Toronto, Canada. Allan helps his clients with tax compliance, foreign reporting, withholding tax and inbound and outbound tax planning.

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  1. Choose an accountant first: internal or external. Due to the high expense of hiring an internal accountant or the little amount of financial transactions they handle, many small firms find it difficult. They decide to use outside CPAs on a consultancy basis instead since it is usually less expensive than hiring a full- or part-time staff. When a company's transactions have become so vast and intricate that contracting them out would be fairly expensive, the company may consider hiring in-house accountants.


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