Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Reasons Forex Traders Fail

What is Forex? Is it an animal? Possibly, in the way that it behaves. Is it a corporation? Perhaps, many can fall from a bad investment. Simply, Forex is an abbreviation for the foreign exchange market. 

Forex does not possess the glitz and glam of the stock market, but it is the granddaddy of them all. On the outside, Forex might seem for everyone, independent of age, gender, location. You can even be retired and still try Forex. If it works for you from the start, then you are lucky. If it doesn’t work, here are the reasons why that might happen. 

More Details about Forex

On average, 4 trillion positions are traded daily. Currency is bought and sold on Forex. Forex runs 24/hrs in the major markets, of New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Paris. With such a great opportunity, and the advent of technology, anyone can join the Forex market, and there in lies an inherent problem.  

Forex at one time was left to large corporations and individuals with large amounts of money, however, with the boom of the internet and online futures trading, anyone can open an account and trade online- average Joe. The allure of great wealth and prosperity seems attainable, but beware there are some great pitfalls of why Forex Traders are not successful. 

No. #1: Lack Of Discipline

Having passion for your industry and your field is an admirable quality. Emotions, have garnered some of the best speeches: "I Have a Dream," "Gettysburg Address," and "Kings Speech,” Each of these speeches were given in times of great anarchy, political identity crisis and personal failings. 

When trading, there is a constant motion, say if you will be organized pandemonium that is meant for principled, level-headed tradesmen. Successful traders, land enormous wins, but suffer a great deal of loss. Some of these losses are consecutive and will test the mettle of a skilled trader. 

Conversely, a series of great gains, can leads to greed. Moreover, it is how you react and address these collective opportunities that can define your character as an online investor. With two sides of the spectrum, most traders do not possess the focus and the wherewithal, to see the sensible way to approach the Forex market, which leads to a lack of vision.

No. #2: Poor Planning

Trading plans are the blueprints to success and failure. If we think of Target, Coca-Cola, each of these companies, had a distinct DNA that led to a path of success. Inexperienced traders, do surface research and ascertain a general idea of assets, risk management, without projecting for returns on investments (ROI). 

In addition to planning, some will create a detailed synopsis with charts, projections, but will not adhere to the proposed investment strategy, because a bigger asset seems to be lurking.In trading, usually the tortoise, not the hare wins the race. Without perspective, it can be confounding to adjust, to trends in the marketplace. You could be easily, pouring cement around your feet, waiting for it to dry and eventually you are- stuck. 

No. #3: Not Adapting To The Market

In order to survive in this Darwinist ideal of business, you have to adapt. Being a chameleon is an advantage, but most traders with experience, see a certain way to follow. Accepting differing points of view, you gain a broader understanding of how specific financial sectors operate. What may trade well in Hong Kong, maybe worth miso soup in London? 

There is no full-proof plan for success in trading. Granted there are indicators, but trying to apply every type of financial model to the financial markets, is like putting a round peg in a square hole. In planning, and trying to align with markets, there has to be a backup, for the backup, for the backup, so that if there is quick pivot, it's not a surprise, it is a pause to position oneself to power. 

Simply, stay rooted, you plateau. Online futures trading truly can be rewarding, risky venture that takes great fortitude, skill and planning. Principally, you want to have enough capital to truly make your investment worthwhile. Consequently, discipline is essential, because you would have studied and gain an apt understanding of the metrics needed to begin creating a solid investment plan. 

Being under-capitalized (simply not enough money to conduct business), will hinder efforts to make a successful and profitable gain, in the world of global trading. Moreover, planning and making ready adjustments are hallmarks to truly finding success in online futures trading. If your investment plan is sound, when changes eventually emerge, they are not surprises; it just becomes part of the larger plan. 

Overall, become a student to other traders, and to the various markets you intend to invest. Allow time to pass, before making hasty decisions. Gettysburg concluded strongly, by saying that government is for the people, by the people, if you then think, the markets are for the people, but its success truly lies in your hands.
Trading Futures, Options on Futures, and retail off-exchange foreign currency transactions involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more of your initial investment. Opinions, market data, and recommendations are subject to change at any time. 

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