Tuesday, April 2, 2019

On the Apartment Hunt? How to Make Sure Your Lease Application Hits the Bullseye

Though it might not be as strenuous as buying a home, looking for an apartment can be rather exhausting. With multiple applicants vying for the same apartment, you need to do all you can to prove to the landlord or rental agency that you’re the top candidate. These are some tips for making sure your lease application hits the bullseye.

Have a Good Rental History

In order for your application to be approved, you need to show that you’re in good standing with your previous landlords. There should be no evictions or broken leases on your record. There might be some landlords you didn’t get along with as well as others, but as long as you fulfilled the terms of the leases, there shouldn’t be an issue. 

If this is your first time renting an apartment, make sure that you pay close attention to all the rules of the lease to make sure you’re starting off your rental history on the right foot.

Meet Income Requirements

Apartment applications typically ask for employment and income verification's. Don’t go for apartments that are far out of your price range. Provide pay stubs that show you have steady employment and will be able to cover rent. 

If necessary, you may have to find an apartment with at least one other person to afford rent. This will protect you and the tenant.

Work On Your Credit

Landlords do a credit check with applications. If you have poor credit, it indicates that you will may trouble paying debts, which can cause concern for landlords. Good credit can be accomplished by keeping credit card balances low and paying bills on time. 

If you don’t have any credit history, you can work to building one by applying for a credit card and paying off the balance in full every month.

Be Respectful

When touring an apartment and submitting an application, you need to show gratitude and consideration. Come to the appointment on time, dressed well and introduce yourself with a firm handshake. Ask questions about things like amenities like apartment wifi and cable upgrades. 

Landlords can gauge a lot from how a potential tenant conducts themselves in the application process. A little kindness can go a long way towards getting your application approved.

It doesn’t take much to get approved for an apartment. You just need to have a good history as a tenant and provide evidence that you’ll be a dependable tenant. The future of your living situation can depend on how you handle the present.

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