Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Investing in 2020: Forex or Bitcoin?

Just as any investment plan goes, there is no exact answer as to where your cash should be injected. In fact, it’s a gamble. Either you are lucky or you’re not. But there are means of improving the investment choice you make. One of the most obvious ways to improve investment returns is to know more about what you are investing in and what the market looks like.

Come 2020 there are bound to be many more investment opportunities. We take a look at where your money would best be invested, Bitcoin or Forex. Anything far and in-between is up to you, naturally.

While a number of online businesses are adopting Bitcoin as a payment option and other sites like evolving to make Bitcoin more mainstream, it's natural to wonder which would be a better investment.

But with two of the biggest markets in competition, if you had to choose, where would you invest your hard-earned cash? According to financial evaluators, either or bears their own risks but here is what we know so far.

Forex Trading Advantages

The advantages to Forex Trading, according to professional analysts, is that the market is an open one. It is easy to access and opposed to Bitcoin, investors, and trade through their brokers on a ledger where transactions are recorded and tracked. Being recognized globally far longer than Bitcoin also works in favour of Forex trading. 

For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin, Forex seems like a safer investment, which in some ways puts Forex in an advantageous position. Forex, unlike Bitcoin, is liquid and can be accessed immediately without any need of wallets or middle ground. Investors can freely move cash from one account to the other.

Bitcoin Trading Advantages

If we reflect on the history of Bitcoin, in its short its existence, the cryptocurrency has had a quick claim to fame, fallen just as fast as it rises, and has made a steady recovery. 

Nevertheless, people have been wondering how 2020 looks in terms of investing in the coin and despite negative feedback from less than 30 percent of users, it would appear Bitcoin has restored its reputation and investors are siding with Bitcoin investment.

If you needed proof, you could say the proof is in the pudding. Most of the new online companies dealing with merchant vendors and peer to peer sales are adopting Bitcoin as a payment option. 

In fact, there have been a number of online companies based solely on Bitcoin transactions to have been developed in 2019. With this being said, we can see and feel the strong presence of the crypto, leading us to believe that come 2020, Bitcoin will be as strong as ever.

While both trades have their pros and cons, the future of trading and investing may just be in favour of Bitcoin. But for now, it remains a gamble, Forex being as popular as ever and Bitcoin drawing in admirers from around the globe. All that remains to be seen is which of the two will be a better investment in 2020.

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