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Sunday, October 16, 2022

How the Stock Market Can Be the Best Saving Option?

In advanced economies, physical assets like gold and real estate are losing attractiveness. More households allocate their funds substantially more to financial investments than the physical form of assets, especially from a long-term perspective. It helps them to reduce the risk involved in shorter time frames.

There is a massive increase in the number of mutual fund folios. Retail inflows into the share markets are also multiplying. Demat accounts, the primary account for stock investing, have also marked a record opening. All in the line of earning higher returns.

Here are the aspects that make the stock market the best saving option.

Easy Investing Process

The stock market is known for higher returns, and now it is easy to access by retail investors also. It has adopted the online trading system based on a demat account and allows screen-based trading. A single demat account is enough to hold all your financial assets. 

 To answer 'what is demat account' - it is an online repository with the stock broker facilitating online trading services to individuals. It ensures the safety of your securities electronically and helps in faster share transfer at reduced costs than the offline trading system.

Flexibility to Invest in Smaller Amounts

Individuals can enter the stock market to start their investing journey with a small amount. A trading account allows you to trade even one share. You can consider mutual funds if you want to invest small.

Multiple Options to Choose from - Easy Diversification

Individuals looking to invest their hard-earned money should consider diversification across multiple types of investments. Stock market investing is an easy way to take advantage of diversification. 

It offers a number of options to invest your savings, including equities, mutual funds, debt funds, bonds, exchange-traded funds, commodities, currencies, and others. You can choose investments to include in your portfolio as per your risk profile and return expectations. 

Holding equities for the long-term will help you increase returns compared to other investments. You can consider mutual funds if you want to take lower risks than equities.


Stock investments are liquid assets as the market deals with a large number of market participants. The volume of trading transactions using trading accounts on stock exchanges is high. Investors should understand the difference between demat and trading accounts

While a demat account is the record of your financial assets, a trading account is a record of trading transactions. It is easy to exit your position online on stock exchanges using your trading account. Some assets like real estate are hard to liquid.

Regular Income

Companies share a portion of their profits apportioned for equity holders - called dividends. Investors consider fundamentally strong companies paying dividends to shareholders on a periodic basis as a source of regular income. You can consider these stocks for the long term and keep earning.

Safety of Investments

The Indian stock market is regulated by the Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The SEBI keeps implementing policies or bringing reforms in the interest of investors, mainly protecting the rights of investors. 

Each and every transaction on stock exchanges is completed under the regulatory framework laid down by SEBI. There is the rarest case of fake securities, of risks of several fraudulent activities, unlike the physical form of securities.


You can reduce your taxable income by investing in the stock market. Income/loss from the sale of stocks is covered under the head 'Capital Gains

If you sell your stocks after one year of purchase, it will be a long-term capital gain and attract a long-term capital gains tax of @10%. Selling your stocks within one year of purchase attracts short-term capital gain per your applicable slab rate.

Thus, considering all these benefits, most investors get inspired to invest in stock market investments as the best saving option. Make sure you gauge your financial status and risk profile before putting your funds in the stock market.

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