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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Should You Invest In Stock Options?

Generally, stock options are considered to be the experienced traders’ forte. But, it can be a helpful tool for individual investors too. In fact, experts say that when carefully chosen, stock options can be equally beneficial for investment purposes, and not just day trading.

Knowing how do stock options work, will help you decide whether to put your money in it or not.

Stock options have been around for quite some time now, but they have only recently started getting the deserved attention. Investors mostly avoid stock options as they do not have a clear idea about them. 

They think it to be sophisticated, hence challenging to understand the investment. Brokers and investors must be offered proper training on the right ways to use stock options. Only then will it get the worth that it deserves.

Due to the lack of understanding, negative words like “risky” and “dangerous” are associated with the overall financial markets and their various components. The stock option is no different in this case. 

However, as an investor, you must investigate the model before making any decisions about the option value. But believe it or not, there are some sheer advantages of investing in stock options too.

Let us find out what advantages stock options can offer.


Options come with great leveraging power, similar to the stock position, but in a cost-saving way. For example, if you want to buy 200 shares of $80 stock, you would need to invest $1600. 

But if you purchase two $20 calls, where each contract would represent 100 shares, then you would only have to pay $400. You will be able to use the additional $200 at your discretion. 

However, things are not as easy as it seems. You would have to make the right call to mimic the position of the stock properly.

Less Risky

Depending on the situation, buying options can sometimes be riskier than owning equities. But there will be times when options are used for reducing the risks. It mostly depends on your usage pattern.

Options are a dependable form of a hedge, and that makes them safer than stocks. While an investor is purchasing stocks, a stop-loss order is usually released to protect the stock’s position

This order helps to stop losses below a predetermined position which you will identify as an investor. However, the problems with these orders lie in the order itself. 

The stop order will only be executed when the stock trade goes at or below the predetermined margin by the investor indicated in the order.

It is essential to remember that the stop-loss order only works when the market is open. It does not apply at night. So if a given stock opens below your predetermined margin when the market opens, you will have to make the first trade with that amount. It means that the stop-loss order will not work in your favor when you need it the most.

In such cases, the put option offers some excellent protection. They are operative round the clock and will not stop as the market closes. They will be your 24*7 insurer, which is why most investors consider this their dependable form of hedging.

Higher potential returns

Every investor invests their money intending to get higher returns, and stock options increase that chance. With this investment model, you will spend less but get almost an equal profit, which means the percentage of income would be higher. It is one of the main benefits that attract a lot of investors towards options.

More strategic alternatives

The options offer more strategic investment alternatives. They are pretty flexible, and there are many other ways to use options to recreate other positions. These positions are popularly known as synthetics.

The primary aim of synthetics is to present investors with different ways to achieve the same investment goal. The option helps investors to trade in stock movements along with the passage of time and volatility movement. 

As an investor, you would notice that most of the stocks do not have significant moves most of the time, and you can take advantage of this stagnation as it can decide if you have reached your financial goals.

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