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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Should You Install a Home Security System?

Many people today are more concerned with home security than ever. In addition to getting a dog or adding more outdoor lighting for protection, some are investing in a home security system.

Here are some of the benefits of installing technical security devices where you live.

Keep Intruders Away

Posting security program signs in your yard and windows is often enough to deter a break-in. Thieves and other miscreants are looking for an easy target. 

They will go out of their way to avoid a home that has professional surveillance, alarms, and notification to authorities of suspicious activity around the home. 

Post the signs and warnings where they can easily be seen by someone who may be planning to break into your home.

Added Protection

Even if you have a dog that will bark at unusual noises or people outside your home, a security system reinforces the protection you already have. 

If someone does try to break in, they will likely be scared away by the loud alarm and knowing that local police are being alerted to their presence. 

Not knowing exactly how the alarm system works, whether by motion or sound, for example, may help to discourage potential criminals from trying to enter your home.

Homeowner Insurance Discount

Many insurers offer a home insurance discount for professional security systems. A system that can deter or quickly catch someone trying to get into your home to damage or loot the contents helps to prevent criminal activity and insurance losses. 

Ask your insurer if installed security devices can lower your home insurance policy premiums. Some premium reductions may depend on whether the alarm connects to a live monitoring station or direct reports to the local police station for immediate emergency response.

Peace of Mind

For your own peace of mind in protecting your loved ones and your belongings, a home security system can help you feel more comfortable about traveling away from home. 

Video feeds on some systems can show you who is at your front door even when you are not home. You can speak to anyone who is there, and that person will not know if you are home or not. 

When you are at home, you have the comfort of knowing your house is protected by a sensitive alarm system that can frighten a burglar away and help to keep you safe.

If you are concerned about possible property damage or robberies in your area, consider getting a security system that can help to keep trouble away.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5 Tips to Make Your Home More Secure

IMG_6319 (Photo credit: aFrozenMoment)
Burglaries are sadly a common occurrence and with a number of rural Garda stations closing, homeowner’s have to do what they can to dissuade thieves from choosing their property as a likely target. Here are 5 sensible ideas and initiatives that can help keep your property secure and reduce the chances of your home being targeted.


Good outside lighting can be an effective deterrent and if you have a burglar alarm fitted then make sure the alarm box is visible so that a burglar may think twice and choose a less well protected property instead. Make sure that your lighting covers and protects doorways and recessed area so that there is no hiding place when someone walks onto your property, but try not to position the lighting in a way that it causes a nuisance to any neighbours.

If you are going out or away for any period of time then use timers to activate lights and maybe a radio as well, but avoid switching the TV on using a timer as it can advertise one of the very items that they may be looking to steal. 


Using locks efficiently to protect your property is a vital component in your efforts to keep your home safe from intruders. As a basic security measure you should make sure that all doors and windows are securely locked when you leave your home, especially when you consider that many burglaries are committed by opportunists who have simply taken advantage of your failure to secure your home and simply walked in rather than forcing entry.

All external doors should have at least three locking points and a mortice lock will add considerable strength to the security of your door. Fitting window locks is a good idea if you have older windows that are not as secure as more recently installed PVC windows which should come with an efficient lock already fitted and also make sure that your patio door has a good quality lock as older doors are known to be vulnerable.

First line of defence

Take time to think about the suitability of the walls, fencing or shrubbery that you have around the perimeter of your garden and view this as your first line of defence. Look at what you currently have and decide if it protects your home or if it makes you more vulnerable by allowing a burglar to go undetected once they are on your property.

Walls and panel fencing around your house may provide you with a degree of privacy but it could also let a thief to break in without being seen. Trees and shrubs look attractive but they can also be good hiding places so you may want to consider a compromise by using chain-link fencing or possibly some trellises with prickly shrubs that will look attractive but won’t be welcoming to a burglar.

Neighbourhood watch

The people that share your immediate environment are a good ally in helping you to avoid being burgled and by getting involved in an existing scheme or even setting up one; you are improving the odds of your neighbourhood not being targeted in the first place. You do not have to live in each other’s pockets for the scheme to be a success but keeping a look out for anything that you consider to be unusual and having your neighbours do the same, will make many thieves think twice if they know that they are potentially being watched over.

Don’t make it easy

Some very basic security measures will also be very effective in deterring opportunist thieves and one of the most common mistakes is to leave car keys and house keys to the side of the door or in sight. It may be convenient to have these keys to hand when you are rushing out if the door but you are also making it much easier for a burglar to break in and also to steal your car. Do not leave a spare key “hidden” outside as many hiding places are more obvious than you realise and draw your curtains at night so that your valuables are not in sight for the outside.

With a bit of practical thinking and even some basic security measures that will not break the bank, you can help to ensure that you increase your chances of not being the victim of a burglary.

Josh Hayward has extensive experience as a financial consultant. His articles mainly appear on personal finance blogs where he enjoys sharing his expertise. Visit FBD for more information on insurance products.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Deterring Burglars on a Budget: Inexpensive Security Ideas for the Home

A Honeywell home alarm system control panel.
A Honeywell home alarm system control panel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Approximately 73.9 percent of all burglaries target residential properties. More than two million burglaries took place in 2010 alone. Protecting your home doesn't have to put a dent in your budget when you're smart about using affordable solutions.

Secure the Windows and Doors

This may seem obvious, but the FBI reports that nearly a third of all burglaries in 2010 were unlawful entries without force. Unsecured doors and windows are like a welcoming invitation for intruders. Upgrading or installing locks on windows and doors is affordable and extremely effective. Place a wooden stick in the track of sliding doors so they can't open. Drill a hole in your window frame where the top and bottom portions overlap and insert a long nail as a backup if the window lock fails. Make sure everyone in the family uses the locks regularly.

Tidy Up Your Landscaping

Trees and shrubbery offer excellent hiding places for burglars. Take a close look at your landscaping. Could someone hide in the bushes beneath a window while prying it open? Do overgrown tree branches offer lots of dark shady areas around the lawn at night? Make some alterations so your landscaping is sparser, making it more difficult for criminals to hide.

Brighten Things Up

Proper lighting deters criminals both inside and outside the house. Motion-activated lights around the garage and doors are an excellent way to turn burglars back. The lights alert you to movement outside the home while illuminating the burglar's activities. When you're away, set timers on lights inside the house so it always appears as though someone is home.

Consider an Affordable Alarm System

Not all alarm systems are expensive. There are many affordable options that will give you protection and peace of mind on a budget. Browse a site like for an idea of what your options are. The mere presence of an alarm system deters burglars, so don't think that only the pricey options are worth your money.

Get a Dog – Or Simulate One

A dog is a major deterrent for burglars. If you're a fan of these furry friends, by all means add a canine companion to your family for added protection. If you're not ready to bring a pet into the family, you can make burglars think you have an animal instead. Motion-activated alarms are available that play the sound of a dog barking when someone is outside the door. A "Beware of Dog" sign and some proper accessories, like dog toys, in the yard will enforce the illusion.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

If your neighbors are familiar with you and your family, they'll recognize when something isn't right and an intruder is lurking around the house. Neighbors are also able to make it look like you're home when you're out of town by picking up mail or leaving some of their trash on your curb as well as their own. Leave spare keys with people you trust and never place them in false rocks or hideaway flower pots.

Don't leave your security to chance. Take these low-cost measures to protect your home now.

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