Thursday, April 18, 2013

Make your Business Marketing Savvy with these Strategies

Businesses take different strategies in online marketing. With the plethora of ways businesses can advertise their products, there is really no such thing as a perfect fit for all businesses when it comes to online marketing. Most of the time, businesses combine different ways of advertising and marketing so that they can achieve their goals. However, it is good to know that there are some generally accepted ways in online marketing that is effective for all kinds of businesses. One is social marketing. It is not very far from online marketing. It has the same intention, social marketing just uses a different platform and that is social media. 

Social marketing is a very popular marketing plan for many businesses. It is not very hard to see why social marketing is very effective. It can gather the customer base that businesses target and it is a very accessible form of advertising. Making a profile on a social media platform is very easy. On the other hand, there should always be some form of marketing to take place. Here are some easy strategies that most successful businesses use when it comes to social marketing. 

Product Advertising without Sales Talk

Social marketing is different from traditional advertising. Most social media users find sales talk irritating. The question then pops up- how do you advertise products without sales talk? The answer is plain and simple. Post straight to the point and appealing content. Social users are drawn to attractive content that is relevant and new. Moreover, presentation is key. Most people who use social media like to see graphics or images. A promotion for a new product can be easily spotted and will rapidly gain popularity when it is through a short interesting image. Remember that your website is probably not the only business page they are following, therefore make your content stand out by using images. No tacky sales talk allowed. 

Conduct Q & A

A social media is a big forum. It is not a one way street like a website that only feeds content to its visitors. Social media involves both parties and interaction between them. So, keep in touch with your customers constantly and give them some space for feedback. This is a good way to know their thoughts and opinions about your company’s products. In addition, it will also make your company customer oriented.

Blog about your Company

In a company’s website, blogging seems a little bit amateur. One great thing about social media is that it gives you an avenue to blog. Blogs are very helpful in attracting customers as it gives them a perspective about your company that they have never seen before. Blogging would definitely make your customers feel that they are personally connected to your company.

Important events in your company, behind the scenes pictures or everyday life in the company are great things to blog about. This will surely make customers prefer and patronize your brand.

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