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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Things to Consider When Choosing Business Broadband

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
Fast Internet has become vital in the age of digital communication and business. However, figuring out the best deals can be tricky. The wrong choice can leave you paying a lot but receiving little. To start with, always consider the following.

1. Download Limits

Your data requirements are set by the type of business you run. Some businesses can save money by opting for a set limit but for larger businesses or anyone dealing with large files like video, unlimited downloads are essential.

2. Location

Find out which provider offers the best service in your area. The best deals may come from Vodafone, SSE or someone you would not expect so research every option. If your business is located somewhere rural you will have fewer options and it is even more important that you find a reliable broadband provider.

3. Price

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Finding the balance between quality and price is important. Saving money does not help if the service does not function. The question you need to ask is whether your business can afford to have an unreliable Internet connection. If the answer is "no" then pay extra.

4. Cloud Storage

If your business relies upon cloud storage then you need to ensure your Internet connection can handle it. The space you require depends on the size of your business and the type of file you need to store. The last thing anyone needs is to suddenly run out of cloud storage when you are part way through an important backup.

5. Customer Service

Businesses have much more complex requirements than home users. High-quality tech support is the only way to deal with certain issues. When your internet is down, you need companies that you can rely on potentially at any time of the day so it may be worth prioritizing a larger company like Vodafone or SSE.

6. Download and Upload Speed

Paying for a download speed of hundreds of megabytes per second is pointless if your company will never utilize it. If the only files you need to transmit are text documents and spreadsheets then pick a cheaper package instead of paying for the very best.

7. Contract Length

Despite your best efforts, you may still end up with a contract that is less than perfectly suited to your business. You do not want to be tied to the same contract for years after discovering it is wrong for you. If you are less than totally sure about your requirements and whether the contracts you are considering can fulfill them, it may be best to opt for a shorter contract so you have the freedom to change sooner rather than later.

8. Security

Cyber security is essential for any modern business of any size and your broadband provider can provide assistance. Some packages come with extras like security packages that can offer firewalls, anti-virus software, spam filters and more. Remember that since you will need to invest in security anyway, it may be cheaper to get it as part of an Internet package.

9. Mobile Data

High-speed mobile data is now available in most places across the country. This helps as smartphones and tablets have become more and more ubiquitous for doing business on the move. If you need to travel often or need to use mobile devices regularly for any other reason, then it is in your best interest to find a broadband provider that can offer a decent mobile connection in addition to the landline.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quick Insight into Top 4 Benefits of Online Share Trading

Investing in the share market is a great way to raise capital, given that you do the needed research and make the investment strategically. With the advent of Internet, today people can now easily access the markets and related information online, which were earlier only available through a broker. With such convenience, online share trading has slowly started replacing offline share trading due to its innumerable benefits. 

Online trading has given the modern traders of today the convenience, but this, in no way, means that they are investing in a smarter way. An increasing number of individuals opt to trade online as against offline trading today. People who learn to trade forex online today would never want to go back to the conventional method of offline trading. Let’s take a look at what has been attracting the investors towards this online trading strategy by understanding its benefits. 


The first and foremost advantage of online share trading that has been appealing to investors is convenience. Traders can manage their investments online during any time of the day or night, which is extremely convenient to them. Such trading also lets the traders watch out their investments throughout and gain access to info that were earlier accessible only by brokers. Thus, online trading saves money and time by trading according to your convenience. You can trade from the flexibility of your home, office or internet café.

Apart from a computer and Internet access, the only other important thing that you need for online trading is a bank account for all your money transactions from time to time. Once you have the needed money in your account, you have the freedom to purchase your favorite stocks. Your share trading account and bank account will be linked to each other to enable you in purchasing shares online.


The next benefit is the diversity of investments and assortments available. Few of the most popular online brokerages are AmeriTrade, Fidelity, and Scottrade. You will gain access to various markets like foreign bonds, and stocks based on the brokerage, which will open up your chances of making more money in the longer run.

Instant Access to Stock Markets

A trader gains instant access to his online share trading account and details pertaining to the stock market with just few mouse clicks. Further, he or she can avoid making decisions in haste since the investor can stay updated concurrently with the recent stock details and latest news about the firm in which they have invested or about any other potential firm they would want to invest in.

No Limit on Trading Hours

One more benefit of online selling and buying is that you can place your orders even during non-market hours. On the contrary, in offline trading buying and selling shares need to be done only during market working hours. The fact that there is no restriction with respect to market hours is an added advantage in online trading.

With these many advantages of online share trading at the fingertip of every online trader, there is no reason as to why any investor would want to ignore the convenience of online trading. So, become a smart trader, and leverage the power of Forex trading today.

Author Bio
Alisa Martin is an online share and stock market trader. She has been using this convenience ever since online trading was introduced in the market, and happens to be one of the veteran traders.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Choosing the Right Mobile Phone Package for You

Walking into a mobile phone retailer can be quite intimidating, especially when you’re suddenly surrounded by young people from the store trying to get you to buy what they claim to be “the best overall package”, even when you’re only going in to make an inquiry.

Sometimes you just want a standard mobile phone that you can use to make emergency calls and let your family know you've arrived at a destination safe and sound. On other occasions you might be looking for something a bit more modern, and you can’t get much more up to the minute than a
smartphone. Everyone seems to have one these days, either texting, calling, emailing, playing games and browsing the Internet. But are they for you? 

Choosing a phone should involve choosing one that is right for you in every sense. If you’re unlikely to use all of the features incorporated into a smartphone, then a more traditional mobile option would be best, for instance. Similarly, having decided that you do want a smartphone, you’ll need to think about payment options as there are plenty of pay monthly, and no annual contract smartphones on the market. 

There are four things that you should consider before signing any agreement for a mobile phone, and doing your research beforehand can help you to narrow down your search.

Talking and Texting 

Your first consideration should be about how much time you plan to spend using your phone as, well, a phone. If you’re the kind of person who won’t be doing much text messaging, you don’t need to have 1,000 messages incorporated into your call plan. Similarly if you’re going to be using your phone for work, you might need plenty of minutes to stay in touch with the office. 


That point leads me on nicely to business customers. A lot of networks have specialized packages tailor made for business users with web access and plenty of call time, giving you everything you need to do your job on the move for less in comparison to a standard call plan with business features “bolted on.” 


Choosing a phone is like choosing any gadget, you want the one that’s filled with all of the technology that you need in your life. However, you don’t want to be paying extra for features that you’re never going to need. You can save a great deal of money by cutting the unnecessary factors out of your phone and going for a simpler option if that suits you. 

For example, if you feel as though you’re never going to get on with a touch screen keypad, you’re best off looking for a phone that comes with a more traditional QWERTY keyboard. Similarly if you’re not looking to use your phone to play music, look for one that doesn't have a built-in MP3 player or iPod that you’re paying for. 


Finally, you need to choose the network that best covers your area. While your friends and family might recommend one particular provider, they might have poor network coverage in your area. For that reason you can find out in-store how to get the best network for your call package, saving you the hassle of having to return your phone or buy out your contract to switch to a better provider.

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